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Shaif Jawed
Shaif Jawed
Electronics and Telecommunication
10 Feb 2019

Using QR Code scanning in robots

QR code, short for quick response code is a beneficial optical reader which is used quite a lot in order to store data from text, video, audio, images etc. I read about this question a while ago where we can use the concept of qr codes in medical fields. The question was something like this... nowadays whenever people go for a health checkup, mostly they either run some physical tests or take some advises about minor issues which could be discussed orally or sometimes receive a set of procedures to follow. Now the problem is most of the people get these advises but when they reach home they tend to forgot quite a lot of things which makes it hard for them to go and ask again. 

So the idea is to create an application which can be used to save the voice message whenever a doctor is advising his/her patient which can then be converted into a qr code. This qr code can be printed out and attached to the patients medicine bill which can be scanned on an android phone easily from the available apps and listen to them as many times as they want. This feature is pretty helpful for installing in robots since all they have to do is work in place of the android phone, i.e. do the conversion part and provide with the print of the qr code.