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Kunal Gokhe
Kunal Gokhe
08 Feb 2019

Robot Vision's Family Tree

Robot Vision is closely related to Machine Vision. They are both closely related to Computer Vision. If we were talking about a family tree, Computer Vision could be seen as their "parent." However, to understand where they all fit into the world, we have to take a step higher to introduce the "grandparent" - Signal Processing.

Signal Processing

Signal Processing involves processing electronic signals to either clean them up (e.g. removing noise), extract information, prepare them to output to a display or prepare them for further processing. Anything can be a signal, more or less. There are various types of signals which can be processed, e.g. analog electrical signals, digital electronic signals, frequency signals etc. Images are basically just a two (or more) dimensional signal. For Robot Vision, we're interested in the processing of images.