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Kunal Gokhe
Kunal Gokhe
12 Feb 2019

Robot Vision

Finally, we arrive at Robot Vision. If you've been following my posts until now, you will realize that Robot Vision incorporates techniques from all of the previous terms. In many cases, Robot Vision and Machine Vision are used interchangeably. However, there are a few subtle differences. Some Machine Vision applications, such as part inspection, have nothing to do with robotics - the part is merely placed in front of a vision sensor which looks for faults.

Also, Robot Vision is not only an engineering domain. It is a science with its own specific areas of research. Unlike pure Computer Vision research, Robot Vision must incorporate aspects of robotics into its techniques and algorithms, such as kinematics, reference frame calibration and the robot's ability to physically affect the environment. Visual Servoing is a perfect example of a technique which can only be termed Robot Vision, not Computer Vision. It involves controlling the motion of a robot by using the feedback of the robot's position as detected by a vision sensor.

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