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Ashwani Kumar
Ashwani Kumar
Electronics and Communication
10 Jan 2019

Robot as hacker of life.

😀  Quite intresting na ?

Robots are the practical dream of human life, first time when robots comes in human dream these are not advance like today's these are just like a development kit or a simple machine but now they are so much advanced that it looks like the most beautiful dream of human life 

When robot word comes to our senses we got an image of robot from robot movie of Rajnikant and many other movies. But Robots are not only as the all imagination it's different from all ours imagination. Robots are the way to approach the human application bit by bit in more advanced way in a mechanical or better said in an embedded way .

Sophia a well known humanoid robot, she is beautiful + with brain 😀 

Robots are just like the ethical hackers they hack for better result and security while robots do simple and complex hack of our life in more advanced way