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Shaif Jawed
Shaif Jawed
Electronics and Telecommunication
13 Jan 2019

How to develop mobile apps for controlling robots without having any knowledge in programming ?

You must have noticed this in most of the projects where people build mobile applications in order to control robots. One of the best example includes those projects which are based on home automation, like one of those apps where you give instructions from a remote area and get the work done at home. Well, it does sounds a lot of fun but people who are not good in programming which includes visual environment of Android Studio have a hard time building one of those apps. So whats the best way to do it...

During my 2nd year, some of our college seniors organised a workshop for building voice recognition / remote controlled robot. At the beginning I was having doubt if I should take part since I knew we'll be developing a mobile app, but once we reached the phase where we had to build the functional apps, I was stupid to think that its going to be difficult. 

We were introduced to this website where students were able to create visual programming environment and it took hardly 45 minutes for us to build both the applications. This particular procedure for building apps didn't required any knowledge to programming since all we had to do was design the front view of the app from the given Palettes and construct the logic using drag and drop method. Isn't it easy ? All this was possible thanks to MIT App Inventor. So, this is the only place I know of for building easy and impressive mobile apps. If you know of any other you can share it with all of us.