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Shaif Jawed
Shaif Jawed
Electronics and Telecommunication
18 Jan 2019

How to build a cost effective carpet drying bot ?

I've noticed that during rainy seasons, the carpets don't dry easily so it becomes quite tedious to do it manually. There aren't many good ideas to get rid of the moisture settled on the carpet so people oftenly remove it either by using dry cloth or by some kind of sponge roller. The main objective is to create a bot which is cost effective so that it can be used in every household, and also doesn't damages the fabric of the carpet. One of the mechanism used can be similar to a hair dryer, or a reverse vacuum cleaner Its obvious that we must program the bot in such a way so that it can figure out how much temperature to use depending upon the amount of moisture on the carpet, not to mention the carpets texture and quality so it won't damage the fabric. So I would like to know, what would you do to build such a cost effective robot ?