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Gaurav Prasad
Gaurav Prasad
Computer Science
17 Jan 2019

From which part of body should a robot be made?

If you are making it manually and inserting all the information and softwares later?

Shaif Jawed
Shaif Jawed
Electronics and Telecommunication
4mos ago

If I was building my own robot, I would definitely start start with its heart. By heart I don't mean like human heart, but the main core of the robot. For robots heart and brains are the same thing, so its better to start of with its core which'll tell the robot its true purpose and give instructions on its actions. Of course in this scenario I'm assuming that I've already prepared a basic layout of the robot and know what I'm going to do next, that means I've already provided him with the instructions it needs to work. For the next part, we can either start with hands or its legs since they have no systematic analogy. Then we can attach a head if needed depending upon its use in the required field. This was just an example of how you can start with building a humanoid shaped robot.