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17 Jan 2019

Developing the world's first Knightmare Frame.

I don't know how to really start this, as it is indeed a very crazy idea that would need billions of dollars in investments, but my ambitions speaks louder than common sense, so here we go.
I am an aspiring mechatronics student that wants to develop a new "aircraft" of sorts to solve conflicts easier. The idea is a vehicle of sorts that could move in all kinds of terrains and also fly.
The idea is to create a human-like robot that would be piloted by a devicer on the back of the mech that is capable of moving in high speeds in land thanks to motorized skates that would go in the back of the heels of the robot, that could also be able to fly thanks to an atachable flight system.
Now right of the back there's a handful of issues we run into: What would power the said robot? How would it be able to achieve flight speed in a vertical position, since the robot has a human-like figure, the robot would meet a lot of air resistance before it could take off properly, and most likely would topple down during take off.
I discussed these issues with my uncle that works in the Brazilian Air Force as an engeneer, and we figured that the answer to the first question: The robot would have to be powered by a fission battery, which means that the robot would be powered by the ions of a nuclear fission. The second issue is also a very dificult one to figure out. The way that I believe the robot would be able to take off would be the following. The robot's "motorized skates" on the heels would be docked on a booster rail, that would move the robot foward together with the turbines of the float system and the motorized skates all together, all that on a suspended launch pad, that would give the robot plenty of time to put its body on the horizontal position, facing the abdomen down.
For that to work out, I would need a team of several engineers, such as aeronautical engineers, nuclear engineers, engineers to design the controls of the robot, engineers to design the human-machine interface.

I would like to know who would like to participate on the designing of the first model that I am going to call Lancelot.
The inital design of the Lancelot is the one in the picture.