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Kunal Gokhe
Kunal Gokhe
28 Jan 2019

Creating bio-inspired robots

Now a days Robots inspired by nature are becoming more common in robotics labs. The main idea is to create robots that perform more like the efficient systems found in nature. But the study says the major challenges involved with this area have remained largely unchanged for 30 years – a battery to match metabolic conversion, muscle-like actuators, self-healing material, autonomy in any environment, human-like perception, and computation and reasoning.

Materials that couple sensing, actuation, computation, and communication must be developed and shared before this segment takes off. These advances could lead to robots with features such as body support, weight reduction, impact protection, morphological computation, and mobility.

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Shaif Jawed
Shaif Jawed
Electronics and Telecommunication
1mo ago

To put it simply, Bio-inspired designs copy the mechanisms happening in nature and mimic the same in an easy manner. Usually bio inspired robots use bio sensors, bio actuators and other bio materials. So if want to build a successful bio inspired design of robot, we have to to transform different locomotion of animals into robots locomotion system. It is definitely not an easy task to accomplish since every animal has a different behavior of motion that is biological mechanism. If I have to take an example, climbing is one of the best skill for some of the land animals so implementing this skill in a robot might be difficult if we take in account how the robot will form a grip around a rough or smooth surface... So in these cases some of the robots were designed like the Geckobots which uses Van der waals force on smooth surface and Stickybots which uses dry adhesives on smooth surface. Well climbing is not the only trait, there are other stuff also like jumping, swimming, legged and limbless locomotion.