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Arppana Rani
Arppana Rani
12 Jan 2019


Application of robot in the field of biomedical

Shaif Jawed
Shaif Jawed
Electronics and Telecommunication
3mos ago

Well its true that using robots just in the field of engineering won't help them improve in other fields, so its better to think out of the box sometimes. If robotics in engineering is making people's life easier, then robotics in biomedical field will help in saving lives of thousands of people from injuries and diseases.

  • As we know that robots are best known to work with much more precision compared to humans that's why they'll be perfect in Surgical Assistance. Think of how much time it'll save during operations and complex surgeries without making any mistakes 
  • Its not like robots can help only those people with injuries, it can also help out those with permanent disabilities which includes broken arm or leg, spinal cord injuries much more. They can be adjusted perfectly to adapt with the person in their day to day life challenges. We call these kind of robots as Rehabilitation Robots.
  • At last I would like to mention one more. We know that nowadays we are building a lot of robots which have capabilities of self navigation in public area. The same concept can also be used for building robots which can help in delivering medication, food supplies, and other basic requirements in the hospital, these type of robots are called as Medical Transportation Robots. And since they don't get tired, they'll be pretty useful during the night shifts when most of the people are not around.