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Ashwani Kumar
Ashwani Kumar
Electronics and Communication
17 Jan 2019

Best e-book for humanoid robots.

As we all here have some craze of Robotics, automation. Few years ago it look very interesting to look robot in movies and in cartoons but it's not wrong that robot are here in real world and performing like human up to some extent.

Here I'm going to discuss about an e-book best written by the author.

The e-book I'm going to discuss is published in 2007.

Humanoid Robots: Human-like Machines

Author/s: Matthias Hackel

Publisher: InTech, 2007.

This book is divide in four parts:

Hardware development: Components and Systems.

Biped Motion: Walking , running and self-orientation.

Sensing the Environment: Acquisition, Data processing and Control.

Mind Organization: Learning and Interaction.