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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
10 Jan 2019

What is the difference between Traditional marketing and Digital marketing?

The difference between Traditional and digital marketing can be best understood byvthe following points:

1. Traditional Marketing :

1. Traditional marketing is unidirectional. It means that the only organization can intetact with its services and customers and th customers cannot have the medium to give any feedback or they cannot ask any questions. 

2. In Traditional Marketing, the medium of marketing is through phone calls, letters and the e-mails. It means that the medium is not so modern in traditional marketing. 

3. Compaign in traditional marketing is very slow. The reason for this is that the letters have to be orepared and a very large time is required for this purpose and the Compaigns are have to be launched. 

4. Traditional marketing is basically for the local audience and it is on the local level and not on the global level. 

5. In traditional marketing, it is almost impossible to measure the effectiveness of the compaigns as letters and other traditional mediums are involved. 

2. Digital Marketing :

1. Digital marketing is bi-directional. It means that the organization can interact with the customers abd the customers can also give their feedback and cal also ask questions regarding their concerns and queries. 

2. In digital marketing, the medium of marketing is through social media websites, e-mails, chats, apps. 

3. Digital marketing campaigns can be developed quite rapidly and with digital tools, so the compaigns of Digital Marketing is very easier as it is done with the modern ways. 

4. Digital marketing is for the global audience. The audience on the global level can be benefited with the digital marketing. 

5. Unlike in traditional marketing, it is possible to measure the effectiveness of the compaigns in the digital marketing. 

So from the above points, u can best understand that digital marketing is the best and most modern way of marketing.