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Soubhik Maji
Soubhik Maji
Computer Science
12 Jan 2019

SEO day 3 :Understanding keyword research for SEO

1.Google has a bunch of tools to manage 

2.You want to look for keywords that have significant traffic and yet they aren't competitive (like there aren't many sites they are incorporating those keywords)

3.Google keywords planner :- Type in the keywords you are using and you'll get a bunch of similar keywords with decent amount of traffic by clicking get idea->keyword ideas .

4.Also there's a competition columns as {low,medium,high }

5.Another column is amount of traffic that keyword generates .

6.You would want to look for keyword that has decent amount of searches  and yet competition is low .

7. You can also see in which month was the keyword searched the most and 

8.Bid is How much people will pay per click 

9.You can also see recent trends using google trends  .Let's you see search trends over-time .You can view by time intervals (month ..etc).You can also sort by region . You will see related items in below right hand side .Rising keywords are good place to look for the right keywords for your site .

Now ,incorporate this knowledge of keywords  into your site in the right places as touch upon a little in previous 1 or 2 lessons