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Ashwani Kumar
Ashwani Kumar
Electronics and Communication
23 Jan 2019

What is role of incubation center in start-up?

Recently I came to know about the incubation center . I heard that it is like a support which is being sponsored by the government for the people who are going to start a bussiness or one who are currently new in start-up.....

There are various types of schemes that they are providing for the students who are interested in start-up or want to be a successful entrepreneur. 

The term incubation centre us given just because as it is a name of machine where egg is etched to form a embryo to form the chick , so here the incubation center perform the same role in nurturing the students, the new entrepreneur to grow and to make them successful...

It's a great support for all those guys who want to be entrepreneur or who are going to start any new start-up .