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17 Jan 2019

What do you think about new Slack Logo?

It looks like Slack has done a rebranding exercise and has released a new logo. The company used to have a '#' logo, which was created even before the company started. 

Explaining the reason behind the move, Slack officials say that the Slack logo was 'easy to get wrong'. It had 11 different colors and  if the logo was placed on any color than White and at an angle than the prescribed 18º, it looked 'aweful'.

The new logo has been designed by Slack's own design team along with Pentagram Studio. The new logo looks like this -

The big question is - do you like the logo? Or was the old one better? 

Piyush Rao
Piyush Rao
3mos ago

I like the new logo. Much better than older one. 👍