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Mohit Patil
Mohit Patil
Computer Science
09 Jan 2019

What are the soft skills needed to work in a startup?

Are there any high-demand skills needed to work in a startup? How can freshers develop these skills?

From what I see around me there are some key skills that one can list. 

  1. Growth Skills - Ability to learn quickly and implement it.
  2. Multi-Tasking - Ability to wear multiple hats successfully and being above average at multiple things.
  3. Sales Experience - Ability to sell stuff without appearing pushy.
  4. Listening Skills - Ability to grasp what is being shared in meetings, presentations etc.
  5. Data Analysis - Ability to make sense of large volumes of data
  6. Technical Skills - Ability to do a task first hand from A to Z.

This is my understanding of the skills required to work in a startup. I'd request fellow members to list the skills they think are needed to become a startup employee.