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Ashwani Kumar
Ashwani Kumar
Electronics and Communication
17 Jan 2019

Things Every Startup Enthusiast goes through to achieve big !

Here are given few things through which every startup enthusiasm should go to achieve big.

  1. Small Ideas, big challenge.
  2. Bidding your time
  3. The A-Team
  4.  The Kick
  5. Creativity at work
  6. Chatting it Up
  7. When Analysis Isn't Paralysis
  8. Food for Thought
  9. Changing Idols
  10. The Pitch.

Small Ideas, big challenge:- 

The Challenge facing a nation with a billion people are tremendous in size, number and variety. But one brilliant idea might actually reach and change thr lifes of many. 

Bidding your time:-

you have idea but you are waiting for right time.

The A-Team :- 

You built a team with your friends and have already assigned them the roles.

The Kick:- you get kick in solving problems of the world.

Creativity At Work:-

You find creative ways of doing your current job to improve efficiency.

Chatting It Up:-

All u and your friends can gossip about startup and the current trends.

When Analysis Isn't Paralysis:- 

You postmortem every idea when you hear how it could enhance your startup.

Food for Thought:-

you should increase your thoughts and make them more goel oriented.

Changing Idol:-

your idol should be someone who has done something in your category rather than any celebrities.

The Pitch:-

you should not miss the chance to pitch your idea to the people with money.