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Ashwani Kumar
Ashwani Kumar
Electronics and Communication
12 Feb 2019

Laundry Service as start-up in India.

I remember one of my senior, who start providing laundry Service and how quickly he grows this bussiness and earn profits. But because of study and low members in his group he can't make it to continue for long time but I think it's still a good thing to start as start-up.

Laundry services require a relatively higher onetime investment but the costs can be recovered quickly. Initially, you can lure customers with cheaper yet quality services. A pick and drop service will be essential to spread the reach of your customer base. To attract the eye of customers you might want to offer complementary services like a small cafe or reading room for people who'd like to wait while the washing happens.

What you guys think , is it a good thing to start as start-up or not ? 

 Andwhat type of problems one can face in it ?