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Shweta Thainua
Shweta Thainua
Information Technology
10 Jan 2019

How can we succeed in startup?

I dont know how can we succed in startup..and how to start it.?

Drona Arjel
Drona Arjel
Computer Science
2mos ago

Building or succeeding in a start-up is like a female who is in labor for many, many hours. You push and then you rest, you push again and then you rest again, but at the end of the day,after all those tears and pain something great surely comes out from your efforts -- a new idea, a new company, something people want. You got it done because you realized and understood all of the effort and hardwork you have put in before,all the time, like a pregnant woman when she becomes a "mother",which was worth the end outcome: another life or being with the potential to bring something great and beneficiary to the world.