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Manimalika Katakam
Manimalika Katakam
Information Technology
21 Jan 2019

How to apply for an internship?

I am a person who is in search of intern from 6 months,i applied  to some internships in internshala ,got rejected in all the interns i applied.I don,t understand why it happens,On what basis are they going to select a person is the question raised.

Among thousands  applications  they got ,one need to verify or read all the applications ,need to identify the best answer among all the applications and select the best. So the thing is the way we present the answer  comes to the point ,the way we give brief details of what we can do,what we have.places the major role so that in the time that they have allocated for a single application will be sufficient so that they are able to know our strengths and we are suitable for that intern.