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Naveen Sunil
Naveen Sunil
Information Technology
05 Jan 2019

Scope for Cyber Security Research in India

This is one of the interesting topic I discuss with people. While data breaches and attacks are happening on one side, efforts to counter attack and prevent them is being done on the other side, how effective is the effort that we take, especially in a country like India where a lot of startups and business is growing?

In order to prevent a potential damage to information and assets, we need to know what is happening around us. We need something called "Intelligence" to keep track of all potential vulnerability and malicious content. A lot of analysis and prediction goes into this to create what we call it as "Data" to defend in the first line.

We see an increase in AI deployment everywhere. Even in the Cyber Security industry AI is being used highly. To train these systems we need lot of data. Again now where do we get those data from???

Technology, data structures, data, form factor, threats, risks keep changing constantly and will continue to change forever. Research and innovation can generate advances that help cyber security keep up with these evolving changes. 

Yesterday's post regarding "Cyber Security as a Process | CrazyEngineers" had discussion on policies and process. When changes occur the policies also needs to be revised.

Proper monitoring, analyzing, generating data, creating meaningful information, making predictions, preparing for the future is the framework for today's digital world. India has got miles ahead to go for this.  And with skilled people and proper infrastructure to carry out such high scale research has huge never ending scope and challenges. All this requires lot of time, extensive data processing and of course lot of human intelligence.

With  such research and innovation we could make better use of AI systems in analyzing existing threats, predict new possible risks and attacks and provide with counter solutions to prevent, mitigate and safeguard data.