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Naveen Sunil
Naveen Sunil
Information Technology
05 Jan 2019

Best way to create and store passwords?

This question is common among all of us. Passwords are crucial and needs to be tough, complex but easy to remember. Okay, don't stare at me now. I know that sounds illogical but it's not. 😉

We create different accounts on each website for services. For most of them we set the same password which is not good. Without much explanation let me give you quick tips to create a store passwords safely and in recoverable way.

  • Use a password generator or create your own with meaningful links / password table
  • Consider using a password manager if you find it tough to remember passwords or if you use a generator.
  • Have a moderately strong password and use Two factor Authentication.

Naveen Sunil
Naveen Sunil
Information Technology
2mos ago

What is a password table?

This is one of my suggestion. Password table is build up on your rules.

Here are the basic rules which you can customize to your needs.

  • Rule 1: Define your password length and make sure to choose even numbers
  • Rule 2: Choose Upper case and lower case random alphabets. Upper and lower case need not be same alphabets.
  • Rule 3: Choose random single digit number.
  • Rule: 4: Choose random special character from the set !@#$%&*-_+=.,? Recommended not to use () {} [] /\ as it might be confusing.

The number of characters or numbers for rule 2, 3, 4 depends on your table size. Table size depends on your password length. For example if length is 8. Then for four sets will be as 8 divided by 4 as 2.


  1. Uppercase 2
  2. Lowercase 2
  3. Numbers 2
  4. Special characters 2

Now start building your table.









Assort these chars and numbers for your password.

2mos ago

It's easy to create a good password by simply using 'alternate' characters. For example, "O" can be replaced with 9,0 or ( or ) ; one needs to come up with their own ways of generating passwords. 

When I read the title, I thought this was about storing passwords securely in database. Argon2 and bcrypt are good options. 

Naveen Sunil
Naveen Sunil
Information Technology
2mos ago

Good suggestion. This is a fast world where people forget even common things. They often write down or save passwords which is not a good option. Lastpass kind of managers are better choices but not always recommended.