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Information Technology
14 Jan 2019

What are thread and its application?

I know that the thread is the smaller segments of a process to execute a single process. But I wanted to know what is the application of thread in java in company or in job area.

How threading helps in the company field for processing the process. How it is created and do most of the company works on threading. What is daemon thread and how it is created and is it used in company line. 

Since the thread is segments of process then how it combines and works with the processor and after getting processed how do they combine to form the result of original process.

Gaurav Prasad
Gaurav Prasad
Computer Science
2mos ago

Some of the real life threading that are used in various companies are:-

1.)Generally to use massively parallel server monitoring infrastructure, for example Massive companies that requires to use  30K servers/routers every 5 seconds for their work.It also makes work load easy.

2.)IN creating computer/video games .

3.)To keep a track of GUI widgets.

4.)Used by Web-Crawlers.