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Soubhik Maji
Soubhik Maji
Computer Science
30 Jan 2019

Strategy Design Pattern

Strategy Design Pattern -

1.Here what we do is instead of having a method which may or may not be actually part of sub-classes

2.What we do is ,  we create a interface and  have one or two default implementation of the interface and have that as a property in our class , if we don't set its null and the respective methods don't work else it works .

3.Having it this way we can set such behavior to a particular sub-class 

4.Let's take an example suppose there's a duck class which has three sub classes

city duck and wild duck and plastic duck .

5.We want to add flying behavior ,but plastic duck can't fly 

6.So we create a interface fly and implement it in classes simplefly and can'tfly. 

7.And put this fly interface as a property in duck base class  with setter and a function that invokes the fly method of this property as a variable ...which is also called composition .

8.So if we have wild or city duck we set the simplefly property 

9.While if its plastic duck we set can't fly property  .

The client/user/We can also provide his only implementation of the interface and set the property of duck class.

There are many more advantages of using this pattern .Explore..