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Soubhik Maji
Soubhik Maji
Computer Science
13 Jan 2019

Serialization and deserialization ,Generics ,Concurrent collections

1.Serialization:-is the process of converting object into Bytestream so that we can send it over network and other various uses.

2.Deserialization :-Is the process of converting Bytestream into object type .This is required for receiving and making sense if data from the network and maybe for some other purposes .

3.Generics in java helps our method to work with different kinds of input (like float,int,double) we give by being adabtable. We don't want to write for example the same addtion method for different combination of data types so Generics comes to our rescue 

4.Concurrent collections :- Collections (like array or list ) , we'll see collections before long .  Concurrent collections are something that are thread safe   and safe from any problems arising from multi-threading like race-condition and synchronization problems .

5. Although collections classes also got some synchronized classes like vector , stack . It also has got synchronized versions of those that aren't thread safe . 

6.Having such classes still we need concurrent collections because those versions aren't very good when it comes to performance  . They are taxing on performance.

7.Check out the snippets and try yourself Concurrent collections  .