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Soubhik Maji
Soubhik Maji
Computer Science
11 Jan 2019

Java String Handling Explained

Make yourself aware about java control statement s if you aren' t  already. 

1.String is a class in java .

2.The string that you create and use is actually an object of this class .

3. Strings are immutable .

4.Bonus:String, Integer, Byte, Short, Float, Double and all other wrapper classes objects are immutable.

5.There are number of ways to create a string in java 

6.String literals :- simple what you write inside ""

7.Using another string 

8.Using new keyword 

9.Using + operator/concat() method 

10.Equals method:- It compares whether the contents of the string are same or not 

11.== operator compared two object references. Whether they refer to the same instance or not . If two different strings are created using string literals they might refer to the same instance .Whereas if you create using new keyword , it will always be different. 

12.compateto method compares two strings and returns  for example in to(s2)

-1 ->if s1 is less than s2

0 if they are same

2 if s1>s2

P.s.:- many more functions and specifics you can explore in string class