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Soubhik Maji
Soubhik Maji
Computer Science
11 Jan 2019

Java day 2 : OOP Concepts

This is in general oops concepts that can be useful for any object oriented programming language .So let's go :- 

What is oops-->

It is a programming paradigm ...or a way to program...or a way to think what we try to do is  model the  problem in the real world using objects (instance of class)and give the objects some state and behaviour .... using this model we try to solve our  problem or create a  application .

Abstraction- abstraction process is we dont want  the user to worry about  how it's implemented we just want  him  to use it .

Encapsulation- The process of hiding data using access modifiers like private,public,protected,and dafault(package) .

It is also the binding of data and functions .i.e. Class .

Polymorphism -one thing that can take many forms is called polymorphism.Suppose we have a class vehicle with method speed .Suppose a two wheeler and another 4 wheeler is extending it  .Both will have override the method speed .So one name ..many forms.

Inheritance -code(data+functions) reusability