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Archana Priyadarshini
Archana Priyadarshini
Computer Science
13 Jan 2019

Is Java completely object oriented?

One of the most important features of Java is that it is an object oriented programming language.But Java is not completely object oriented language since it provides primitive data types such as int,float,byte,char,etc which are not objects.

Java provides Wrapper Classes.Wrapper class provides the mechanism to convert primitive into object and object into primitive.

Also,when we use a static function or static variable we cannot call it using the dot operator or class object defying the OOP features.

Java is partiality object oriented as it  provides OOPs features like encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism.

Soubhik Maji
Soubhik Maji
Computer Science
3mos ago

No, java is not completely object oriented language.  For , a language to be object oriented everything in that language has to be in a form of an object . Since, java has primitive data types like int,float,double which are not objects so java is not completely an object oriented language .

Although the above use of primitive types is a feature and not a  disadvantage of java as if you want you can make java 100% object oriented  by using wrapper classes to store primitives .

Staic variables are supposed to be like that .Check static concept  .Static variables are like the sun and the wind ,they are available to everyone  . I think you can access static variables and functions using dot operator and class objects and also using class name .Try it out in your PC . 

Summary:-java is not 100% object oriented  ,although its upto us .If we want to make use of it as 100% object oriented we can do that using constructs such as using wrapper classes