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08 Feb 2019

How to reverse a sentence word by word in java?

Step 1 : Create one java.util.Scanner object to take input from the user.

Scanner sc = new Scanner(;

Step 2 : Take inputString from the user.

String inputString = sc.nextLine();

Step 3 : Split inputString into words and store them in a string array.

String[] words = inputString.split(“\\s”);

Step 4 : Create one empty outputString object.

String outputString = “”;

Step 5 : Starting from last word of words array, append each word to outputString.

for (int i = words.length-1; i >= 0; i–)
        outputString = outputString + words[i] + ” “;

Step 6 : Print outputString.

System.out.println(“Output String : “+outputString);

Step 7 : Close the resources.


If you follow the above algorithm then you will able to complete the reverse of a sentence.

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Output   :   Day The Of Concept Java