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14 Jan 2019

What are few statments in PHP?

Some of the statements you will find in PHP code are listed below with their use:

1)bind_param: It is binding parameters where the data entered in the form fields is then stored in PHP variable and they are passed as variable on data base.

For example

$stmt->bind_param("ssssii", $firstname, $lastname, $gender, $email, $seats, $phone);

In  the example above "ssssii" is the type of parameter s-string and i-integer

2) execute(): It executes a prepared statement. For example,


3) bind_result: It binds variables to the prepared statements for result storage.


4)prepare: It is used to execute same SQL statements repeatedly.

$stmt = $conn->prepare($SELECT);

5) store_result: Stores or transfers the result set from the last query.