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11 Jan 2019

Build In Function

There are various Build In functions in PHP some of then are listed below,

1) PHP strtolower() function: It converts all characters of a string to lower case.

2)PHP strtoupper() function: It converts all the characters of a particular string passed into uppercase.

3)PHP ucfirst() function: It converts the first character of the string and then return the string.

4) PHP lcfirst() function: Converts the first character of the string to lower case and then return.

5)PHP strrev() function: It reverses the string and then return it back.

6)PHP strlen() function: It counts the length of the string and returns it.

7)PHP str_word_count function: This function counts the number of words of given string.

8) PHP str_replace() function: Replaces the given word with new word. It takes in three parameters first the new word, second the word which you want to replace and the string where you want to replace.

9) PHP strcmp(): This function compares two strings and returns 0 if the 2 strings are equal.

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