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01 Jan 2019

Which is best software automation tool to learn in 2019 for jobs?

There are several software automation testing tools available and I'm wondering which tool is the best to learn in 2019 for jobs. Of course it's not possible to learn every tool out there; but maybe we could have opinions on the below listed tools -

  • Selenium: For Web App testing
  • Katalon Studio (Recorder): Web and Mobile App Testing
  • TestComplete: Web and Desktop Apps
  • SoapUI : Web services testing

Are there any other other important tools that I missed? Please list them below. 

Radhika Deshpande
Radhika Deshpande
Computer Science
3mos ago

In your list you can add - 

  1.  UFT - It is popular commercial tool for Desktop, Web and Mobile Application. This tool provides advanced capabilities for smart object detection, image-based object detection, and correction. But this needs a licence.
  2.  RFT : This tool from IBM is also one of the go for tool in 2019 which provides application testing which are developed using SAP, PowerBuilder, Adobe Flex, and Dojo Toolkit,.Net, Java, Visual Basic, Siebel. This is best known for data-driven testing.
  3. Ranorex : This tool provides set of features for UI  element identification, editing, and management.

    This is used in Web, mobile, desktop and API Testing. This one is easy in terms of making automation testing easy with its simple features like GUI, record/playback and script generation.

3mos ago

Mabl AI , this will be extensively used going forward in e-commerce or applications when the objects (images) continuously change by will be of same type.