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Drona Arjel
Drona Arjel
Computer Science
11 Jan 2019

What is the primary focus of End-to-end Testing?

End-to-end testing is designed to provide full test coverage for each of the sub components of a software, for both the API and UI layers, and each of the connected networks and third-party apps. Executing end-to-end tests will not only optimize your testing cycles, but will ensure you’re confident in your next release. While similar to integration or system testing, the ultimate goal of running end-to-end tests has a different focus – user experience.

Shruthi Pillai
Shruthi Pillai
Information Technology
2mos ago

End to end testing checks from start to end ,wheather  the software is running as expected. It uses actual production like data and test environment. It verifies complete system flow.

It validates software system as well as sub systems.It involves checking external interface also which can be difficult to automate. In that case manual testing is prefered.