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Rashmi Gandhi
Rashmi Gandhi
Information Technology
03 Jan 2019

What is Database Testing and What Tools Are Used For Database Testing?

What i understood till now that is Database Testing is nothing but the testing of the software from backend and the application is behaving as expected from back end. 

To do DB testing we need to test:

  1. Data Integrity
  2.  Stored Procedure
  3. Data Size
  4. Event Driven Item
  5. Input Item Verification 

Could anyone let me know more about it. 

Also what are different tools used for doing db test?

2mos ago

Rashmi - Database testing is a type of testing that is focused on 

  1. Checking data integrity
  2. Checking data persistence
  3. Checking data sanity
  4. Checking data validity

There are several aspects to be covered. For almost all IT companies these days, data is super critical. It's the responsibility of software testers to ensure that the data required is available all the times and is valid.

In order to achieve this, database testers will have to consider all the aspects of data storage mechanisms and ways of accessing it. Doing this will involve analysing queries, checking for database design, performing load testing on the databases etc.