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Gaurav Prasad
Gaurav Prasad
Computer Science
14 Jan 2019

How is static and dynamic testing different?

Major difference please?

Aswini Vi
Aswini Vi
Computer Science
1mo ago

1. Static Testing is white box testing which is done at early stage of development life cycle.It is more cost effective than dynamic testing.

Dynamic Testing on the other hand is done at the later state of development life cycle.

2.Static Testing methods  include walkthroughs,code review.

Dynamic Testing involves functional and nonfunctional testing.

3. Static Testing is done before code deployment and without execution of code.

Dynamic Testing is done after code deployment with the execution of code.

4. Static Testing comes under verification.

Dynamic Testing comes under validation.

5. Static testing achieves 100% statement coverage in a relatively short time.

Dynamic testing may involve running several test cases,each of which may take longer time.

6. Static testing is about prevention.

Dynamic testing is about cure.

7.Static testing techniques a checklist is prepared for testing process.

Dynamic testing technique the test cases are executed.