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Viplav pal arya
Viplav pal arya
Electronics and Communication
24 Jan 2019

Best PG accommodation near CDAC ACTS Pune??

I'm looking for a good PG accommodation near CDAC Pune but all are 6K and above and that without meals. Also, I read on Quora that many passouts are suggesting not to take  PG in Pashan area instead look in Aundh area but Aundh is a little bit far from CDAC so commuting would be a problem. What to do?

P.S: I don't know cooking so are there any cheap Hotels near CDAC Punefor dinner cos breakfast and Lunch can be eaten at the CDAC Canteen. Also How's the food at CDAC Pune canteen and are their rates affordable? What is the canteen timings??