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25 Jan 2019

Using Graph Databases with Laravel, Anyone?

I'm wondering if anyone's using Neo4J, Dgraph or any such graph database with Laravel? If yes, which packages / tools / connectors are you using and how do you export / migrate your existing data to it?

I'm currently building a social feature which I think would benefit a lot using graph database; but it looks like lot of work to me. I look forward to your suggestions. Thank you! 

Jasmine SA
Jasmine SA
3mos ago

What's your use case for the graph databases? 

3mos ago

Well, it's a typical use case where I want to examine user's connections, relations and find out what are the ways a user is associated with others in the network. Perhaps, I'll use it to make personalised suggestions. 

I'm not sure if it's possible to use a separate graph database along with Laravel's regular MySQL or MariaDB database. If you have any experience with that, please let me know.