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What Is Entrepreneurship - Explained - Free PDF

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Mohit G
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What is entrepreneurship has been explained in detailed manner in the attached file. It contains multiple PDF files obtained from various sources and publications. 

Entrepreneurship is an act of setting up a venture or a business that is based on the hope of making a profit. Of course, there are several other definitions of entrepreneurship; but they won't tell you the gist of it.

In simplest of the terms, entrepreneurship is about peoples and systems. You will first need people who will be responsible for managing the systems. These systems would be the founding pillars of entrepreneurship.

For example, finance, marketing, Human Resources, sales can be treated as 'systems'. These systems, along with the vision of the business owners will lead the business to growth. 

Unfortunately, many people will fall in the trap of self-employment under the fancy name of becoming an 'entrepreneur'. The attached set of FREE PDFs will introduce various aspects of entrepreneurship and what it takes to start and run a successful business.

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