Bala Venkat
Bala Venkat

Thermodynamics - Cengel and Bones PDF


Topics covered in this book are -

CHAPTER 1: Introduction and Basic Concepts

CHAPTER 2: Energy Conversion and General Energy Analysis

CHAPTER 3: Properties of Pure Substances

CHAPTER 4: Energy Analysis of Closed Systems

CHAPTER 5: Mass and Energy Analysis of Control Volumes

CHAPTER 6: The Second Law of Thermodynamics

CHAPTER 7: Entropy

CHAPTER 8: Exergy: A Measure of Work Potential

CHAPTER 9: Gas Power Cycles

CHAPTER 10: Vapor and Combined Power Cycles

CHAPTER 11: Refrigeration Cycles

CHAPTER 12: Thermodynamic Property Relations

CHAPTER 13: Gas Mixtures

CHAPTER 14: Gas–Vapor Mixtures and Air-Conditioning

CHAPTER 15: Chemical Reactions

CHAPTER 16: Chemical and Phase Equilibrium

CHAPTER 17: Compressible Flow

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