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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

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The document contains important and most commonly asked questions and answers to Mechanical branch graduates during job interviews. Several CEans (aka members of CrazyEngineers) have found these questions helpful in cracking interviews and getting their dream jobs and we're confident that you will benefit as well.

Here are some questions and answers you will find answers to in this document:

  1. Why are different types of sound produced on different bikes, though they run on SI Engines?
  2. DefineOctane Number and Cetane Number.
  3. Why is the Centrifugal Pump called High Discharge pump?
  4. What is the importance of Thermodynamics?
  5. What is Auto Dosing?

... and so on! 

There are also some questions to which the answers have not been provided. If you know the answers to these question, feel free to post the answers in comments below.

Pritiranjan Dwibedy
Pritiranjan Dwibedy · Jan 27, 2020
Great collection