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eBook on Big Data 1.0

eBook on Big Data by IBM explains what Big Data is and how IBM is involved

  1. Kaustubh Katdare
    This eBook on Big Data by IBM talks about what Big Data is, its importance from business and technology perspective, why is big data importance and why should you be concerned about it in easy to understand language. The eBook also talks about Hadoop and analytics for Big Data and IBM's involvement in Big Data initiative.

    You'll be exposed to several new terminologies often used by those who work in Big Data. If you want to make a career in Big Data, the first few chapters of this book would definitely help you understand what's involved.

    Note: I am aware that this book has been copyrighted and prohibited from storing in our database. IBM however has put it on the public domain. The 'Download Now' button will link you to the PDF on IBM's server.

    If anyone objects to us linking to the eBook (PDF), please get in touch via Contact Us and we'll take appropriate action. We stand united against piracy!