Velshankar MJ
Velshankar MJ

Basic formulae to use in solving any aptitude test


While solving aptitude questions for competitive exams or job interviews, it is the formulae that come in handy and give you an edge. Basic formulae that help in solving aptitude questions can be remembered with practice and help you solve faster and with a better probability of getting the correct answer quicker.

This resource contains basic formulae such as -

I. Arithmetic Progression

II. Geometric Progression.


IV. Surds and Indices

V. Percentages

VI. Profit And Loss

VII. Time And Work

VIII. Boats And Streams

IX. Simple and Compound Interest

All the above topics cover the basic aptitude test problems that every competitive exam has, be it government services or MBA entrances. TCS, Infosys job interviews or bank exams.

We recommend that you take a print out of these formulae and remember them by heart to solve aptitude questions faster and smarter.

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