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Android Programming With Tutorials - andBook

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Ankita Katdare
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If you are one of those developers that have worked with Java™ before and wants to start developing for the Android Platform, this book is for you. This hands-on guide contains plenty of practical example codes and pictures all across it, to make the learning process easy peasy. It's important to learn the basic facts of the Android Platform to fully understand to understand what the Android Way is. 

What will you find inside the 'andBook'?

  • What is Android and how applications work?
  • Fast & easy application development
  • Differences to a normal JavaVM
  • The Android Code Challenge
  • Android User Interfaces
  • Hierarchy of Screen Elements
  • Comparing Android UI Elements to Swing UI Elements
  • Resources and the magic
  • List of resources
  • Alternate Resources & Localization
  • Hello World – The Android way
  • Installing the Android SDK
  • The Android Development Tools (ADT)
  • Running your first application
  • Finding XML-defined Views in Java-Code

... and more!

ARVIND NAIK ยท Jan 3, 2019