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100 Simple C Programming Questions (Solved)

Download resource uploaded by Ganesh MSD in Computers
Ganesh MSD
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For anyone, including   the   first-time   C programming language learners or those with months of practice, there are certain simple C programs that can be puzzling and tough to crack. In this series of 100 simple C programs, you get the answers i.e. the complete code to solve the basic C program questions that can be useful in cracking technical interviews at MNCs or even solving technical aptitude question papers. 

The basic concepts involved in C programming such as  operators, loops, functions, single and double dimensional arrays, performing operations on strings, files, pointers, etc. are all need to solve these  simple C programs.

The list of C programs solved in this resource includes -

1. C program To Read A Number And Find Whether The Given Number Is Even Or Odd.

2 . C  Program to print sum of the natural numbers from 1 to 10.

3. C  Program to print numerical pyramid.

4 . C  Program to accept a year and check the given the year is leap or not by using ternary operators. 

5. C  Program to accept a string and count no of capital letters, no. of small letters and no. of special characters

6 . C  Program to accept 10 numbers and print first five numbers in original order and print last five numbers in reverse order.

7. C  Program to count the number of words, characters, alphabets, vowels, consonants, and digit in a line of text.

8. C P rogram to print Armstrong number between 1-500.

9 . C  Program to print the following series until there sum exceeds 2.6 term value exceeds 1.5x+x2/2!+x3/3!+------------.

10 . C  Program to print 4 dimensional matrix with a constant number.

... and other 100 C programs.

To make a C program, you need a text editor and a compiler. You can use any text editor of your choice and a compiler. C compiler converts source code into machine code that consists of zero's, and one's only, and execution is done on a machine.

These  100+ C programs with explanation and detailed solution s are great for  practising and improving your coding skills !

Pranav Jha
Pranav Jha · Oct 6, 2018
Grateful to you for the resources...
ANAND RAWAT · Oct 1, 2018
nice...helps alot