What should we work on next?

By - Kaustubh • 2 weeks ago • 8k views

I'm looking for advice and feedback on what should we do next at CrazyEngineers. Few of the questions -

  1. How should QnA work? For example: Should we bring the questions with replies at the top of the main feed?
  2. Should we show members online? Let me know.
  3. What are the topics we should discuss about?


  • Ambarish
    Ambarish Ganesh • 2 weeks ago
    1. Only latest/updated thread on the feed. If someone comments on an old thread, then that response may come on the feed with a reference to parent thread. Else older articles on main are not helpful.
    2. I love seeing who all are online on the community - helps understand who may respond faster if I tag them in certain threads.
    3. Memes are ok every once in a while, but discussing about mad/latest/wow engineering topics is what made me open CE everyday. Gadget comparison/review etc. also are interesting.
  • Kaustubh
    Kaustubh • 2 weeks ago

    @Ambarish -

    1. Sure. Makes sense. Old threads are surfaced only for SEO purposes. But with memberships open, we can put a pause on it.

    2. Who's online is definitely coming. I've it on my list.

    3. Interesting suggestion. I think we'll focus on QnA / Discussions.

  • Kaustubh
    Kaustubh • 2 weeks ago

    One more suggestion I received is to add profile and settings (avatar etc.). I'll work on it as well.

  • Ramani
    Ramani Aswath • 2 weeks ago

    If the discussions are ongoing, it may be helpful for such to be upfront.

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