How long will layoffs last?

By - Kaustubh • 2 weeks ago • 7.7k views

The IT and technology industry is going through massive layoffs. The latest news being Salesforce laying off 2500 employees and Meta planning to show pink slip to, if I'm not wrong, 11000 employees worldwide.

How long do you think these layoff cycles will last? Someone said this will continue till January 2023. What are your thoughts?


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Elon Musk has completed his takeover of Twitter and one of the new changes he's proposed is $8/mo for the Twitter blue tick.

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Wondering if Apple will ever release a 32" iMac. I had my hopes high a few months ago when there were rumours that Apple is designing a bigger-screen Mac with M1 processor; but then they launched the Studio. :-/

I've been using 27" iMac for over a decade now and the machine still runs strong. I only upgraded the RAM once, and that's it. It doesn't get MacOS updates anymore, but runs all the programming tools I throw at it.

I'm sure there are several users like me who want...