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LiquidWeb Coupons | Jul, 2020

Exclusive deal information last updated on 05 Jul, 2020

Brief Overview (What's Included)

LiquidWeb hosting coupons, promo codes, current offers and deals that help you save money across various products -

  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud VPS
  • Cloud Dedicated
  • Private Cloud
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Managed WooCommerce Hosting
  • Cloud Sites
  • Email Hosting
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Complete Description

LiquidWeb Services Overview

LiquidWeb is a reputed web hosting service provider in business since 1997. Known for its modern infrastructure and exceptional "Heroic Support", LiquidWeb has expanded its portfolio of services in the recent times. 


The company no longer offers shared hosting plans and has focused on premium hosting. We were super impressed with LiquidWeb's services for almost a decade we hosted our website with them and recommend it to everyone who's willing to have their servers managed.

LiquidWeb Deals

Managed Dedicated Server40% Off for 3 MonthsACTIVATE CODE
Cloud VPS40% Off for 3 MonthsACTIVATE CODE
Cloud Dedicated40% Off for 3 MonthsACTIVATE CODE
WordPress Hosting33% Off for 3 MonthsACTIVATE CODE
Managed WooCommerce25% Off for 1 MonthACTIVATE CODE
Cloud Sites$51/mo for 3 MonthsACTIVATE CODE

A look at the different plans offered by LiquidWeb 


Managed Dedicated Servers

Managed dedicated servers are taken care of by the Liquidweb's experienced technical staff so that you can focus on your application or business and not having to worry about managing and maintaining the server infrastructure. 

Each managed dedicated server is equipped with DDoS protection, option to integrate with CloudFlare CDN, Backup Drive, cPanel/WHM. Webmasters get full root access to their server so in order to install any software or optimise server settings. 

Each server is equipped with SSD storage and LiquidWeb offers 100% network and power uptime SLA. 

The company is also offering twice the RAM on select server configurations under limited time promotional offer. 

Cloud VPS

Virtual Private Servers are an excellent option if you wish to save money. LiquidWeb's managed VPS. 

The managed VPS hosting offers SSD storage and allows webmasters to configure unlimited sites on each VPS. Of course, all these sites will have to fight for the available resources (storage and memory). If you run multiple sites, VPS could be your go-to option.

Each Cloud VPS comes equipped with a dedicated IP address, CloudFlare CDN Integration, local backups and firewall. LiquidWeb offers DDoS protection and root access for each of the servers.

Cloud Dedicated Servers

These servers are the 'Bare Metal Servers' that offer the power and resources of regular Dedicated Servers but with cloud features like instant provisioning and flexibility. 

While a typical dedicated server may take about an hour or two (depending upon the configuration and software) Cloud dedicated servers can be provisioned within minutes.

The Single Processor Cloud Dedicated Server starts at $189/mo [4 cores @3.6 GHz and 8GB Memory]. There are options available with SSDs. 

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress has taken over the Internet with almost ~28% of the total websites being run over WordPress. LiquidWeb makes it easy to launch your own website with WordPress hosting. There are some highlights that LiquidWeb offers -

  • Plugin Updates
  • iThemes Sync Pro - lets you manage multiple sites easily
  • Image compression

Some of the special features of LiquidWeb Managed WordPress hosting include no limits on pageviews or traffic unlike most other web hosts, full server access, automatic daily updates.

Staging Site: This probably is one of the most important features that you may not notice. Stating site will give you a replica of your live website for testing. You could test your new theme or plugins on Staging site before pushing the changes to the live site. 

If something gets messed up upon installation, you'll notice it on staging site and push the changes to live site only when you are absolutely confident.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce makes it super easy to launch your own online store on your existing WordPress website. 

LiquidWeb's woocommerce offering lets you build high-performance ecommerce platform powered by WordPress. 

You will be able to launch store of any size. If you have shippable products, LiquidWeb will help you connect with Shipbob, ShipStation, TradeGecko. Of course, you will be able to launch digital product store as well. 

There are NO TRANSACTION FEES on WooCommerce hosting by LiquidWeb. This could be a big plus for newly launched stores. 

Cloud Sites

LiquidWeb's Cloud Sites offering comes from its acquisition of RackSpace's Cloud Sites program. Cloud Sites makes it easy to launch your site or web app powered by WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or other content management systems. 

Of course, if you are hosting sites for your clients, Cloud Sites can help you get started quickly.

User Comments, Feedback and Questions

Mohit Patil
Rank C2 - EXPERT
Does the coupon get automatically applied on clicking on the 'Activate Code' link? Are these discounts on LiquidWeb plans available year round or for a specific time span? I'm looking for a discount on LiquidWeb's Managed WordPress Hosting plan. 
LiquidWeb keeps updating their coupons throughout the year and we aim to keep our list of coupons up to date. We've updated the deal to include LiquidWeb's managed wordpress hosting plan. You will get 33% off for the first three months. It's quite an amazing offer from Liquidweb.
Mohit, LiquidWeb is one of the most reputed web hosting service providers. The deals and discounts available on CrazyEngineers will be updated in shortest possible time. We manually update every coupon code available here. If you have questions or concerns, post them below. We will try to respond in shortest possible time. 
Mohit Patil
Rank C2 - EXPERT
How is the Woocommerce hosting different than Wordpress Hosting? I have a wordpress site and would like to add a store it. Should I change my hosting plan for this? It is going to be very basic and I have only a handful of visitors.. Please suggest.
Interesting question, @Mohit. Woocommerce is a plugin that runs on WordPress. So from hosting perspective, there's no big difference. However, the big difference is that WooCommerce itself is quite a big platform in itself. LiquidWeb mentions that they've built a separate set of database tables to store the order data that reduce query loads by as much as 95%. In addition, LiquidWeb provides integration with Jilt that helps you analyse the abandoned cart. The discount coupon available with us applies to WooCommerce hosting separately. The coupon for WordPress hosting are available as well - which gets you ~51% off for the first three months. 
Does Liquidweb provides basic CMS services with their web hosting plan?Do they provide any   tutorial or information related to on how to install CMS and manage different websites ?Or I have to handle this my own?
I guess people tend to choose LiquidWeb for their reliability and heroic support. But in India, I am only looking at cheaper options that give me optimum performance. What do you suggest? Should I go for Hostgator or Bluehost over LiquidWeb? Can you please do a quick comparison guide on this blog? That'd be really helpful.
Mohit Patil
Rank C2 - EXPERT
Thanks, Kaustubh. I took your advice and went with the Managed WooCommerce Hosting plan from Liquidweb. This was for one of my clients and he loved the deal at $39 per month. It's amazing to note that the page load times on Liquid Web feel about 10x faster of what he already had. Thank you for this.I wanted to know if you could do a comparison between LiquidWeb and Siteground. Many of my friends are suggesting to try Siteground once.
My apologies for late response guys. LiquidWeb hosting has several offers and keep in mind that you can install CMS of your choice if the server you're renting is supported. For example, WordPress - one of the most popular content management systems will definitely run on Linux and Windows servers. However, if you are planning to run a CMS for special purpose - content website or blog, you should look at their WordPress Hosting. I've been hearing lot of positive reviews about WordPress Hosting offered by LiquidWeb. If you buy it, you will not have to do any setup. LiquidWeb's WordPress optimized server will have everything included out of the box. Plus, you could raise a ticket if your server is fully managed; and LiquidWeb's in-house experts will help you figure out the issues you are facing or any server optimizations or installations you wish to perform. If you are not comfortable handing the server, I'll highly recommend their "managed" hosting solution. I've used it for about a decade and never had any problem. In fact, I learned a lot about server administration by chatting with their Heroic Support technicians. Give it a try, you won't regret. 
Rohit Kumar
Rank D2 - MASTER
Why does LiquidWeb not offer shared hosting plans? Cloud Sites is priced way more than the rivals. Is it a pure VPS solution? Are there any cheaper plans available? Could you also post a review of their WordPress and WooCommerce hosting plan? PS: Sorry for too many questions. 
Bala Venkat
Rank D1 - MASTER
Does the coupon get automatically applied when I click on 'Activate Code' link? How do I make absolutely sure that it's working? I am looking to get 25% off for 1 month plan in Managed Woocommerce Liquidweb hosting. I am not sure if it's really getting applied or not? Could you please clarify on this?  Clicking on that link takes me to the homepage of the site: https://www.liquidweb.com/?irgwc=1&clickid=2tVS-11NvxyJUZk0O7XQxx3QUklzXKx5qQWkX80&iradid=278394&irpid=293777&sharedid=&_ir=1&utm_source=293777&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=Homepage0&utm_term=IR&utm_content=278394