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Hostgator Coupon Code for India Only ₹99/mo | Jul, 2020

Exclusive deal information last updated on 05 Jul, 2020

Brief Overview (What's Included)

We've built a list of verified discount coupon codes for Hostgator India to help you get up to 70% off on hosting plans. Use these to get maximum benefit on your hosting. 

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05 Jul 2020
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Table of Contents

Hostgator is currently offering 50% off discount across various hosting plans. Do not miss the offer!

Quick Deals

Hosting PlanRegular PriceOffer Price
₹349/mo (Best Value!)

Complete Description

Overview Of Hostgator Discount Coupons

Hostgator is one of the favourite web hosting service providers among the Indian webmaster and professional blog owners. The company has been in service for several years now and is known for their cheap, yet reliable hosting plans.

The discount coupons made available are applicable across various hosting plans and help you get up to 70% off. 

Why Hostgator is a recommended web host

Hostgator's offerings are carefully crafted to help new webmasters, site owners have a complete peace of mind. If you do not like their offerings, they offer full 45-days money back guarantee. That's long enough to host your website and get a feel about their services.

Hostgator India servers are located in India

Perhaps, the most important thing to consider is that the servers offered by Hostgator India are actually located in Mumbai, India. 

Having servers located in India makes the websites load naturally faster for Indian consumers because of their proximity to the server. 

In addition, you will get local language support for all your technical needs. This is important because not many Indians are comfortable speaking in English and explain the problems they are facing. 

Payment Options

If you do not have an International Debit Card or a Credit Card, Hostgator India allows you to make payments via Indian payment gateways like PayU and PayTM. 

Hostgator India Support Numbers

Hostgator India offers 24x7 support on following numbers

  • Sales: 1800-209-8833
  • Tech Support: 0824-6614102

User Comments, Feedback and Questions

A Note: These discount coupon codes and deals are applicable only for HostGator India. If you want to host website on Hostgator USA, you will have to use different promo codes. We will soon put up a new deal page for Hostgator USA.
Mohit Patil
Rank C2 - EXPERT
Wow. This looks like quite a cheap plan! Thanks for sharing. Even the business plan at Rs. 349 a month is affordable for newbies like me. Can you tell me which plan is better for starting out? Hostgator's Baby or Business plan? 
Yes, Hostgator India offers really cheap plans and I personally know people who've been hosting their websites with Hostgator for several years now. I'm not sure when did they enter India market, but having their data center in India is a big plus for all customers. The Hostgator India discount coupon available with us gets you all the features at just Rs. 99/month. It's quite awesome. 
Amit Tandon
I personally like Hostgator most than any other. Thanks for putting up on this. I want to know what is the 'Reseller Hosting' Hostgator India offering.I can see two options in Hostgator.in - 'Linux Reseller Hosting' and 'Windows Reseller Hosting'. What are options to start with them. What are the advantages to use it?
@Amit - Indeed hostgator is quite a reliable and proven web hosting service provider. Reseller hosting is where they allow you to become the 'front-end' of the web hosting. It's like offering your own web hosting service to your clients but the backend and infrastructure is all handled by Hostgator. Linux and Windows are just two options where the servers are powered by Unix and Windows operating systems.The hostgator India coupons are not applicable on these two types of hosting. Rather, these coupons are meant for those who want to host their own websites. 
Rohit Kumar
Rank D2 - MASTER
Thank you, Kaustubh. Could you please answer the following questions about Hostgator India hosting -Is Hostgator India different from Hostgator USACan I use the Hostgator India coupons on Hostgator USA or vice-versa?How is Hostgator India hosting from SEO perspective?Is it worth opting for long-term plan with Hostgator? The prices are really cheap after using their new discount coupon codes. Can I join their Hostgator India affiliate marketing? What are the benefits?
You are welcome, Rohit. You've asked lot of questions, so let me answer them one by oneDifference between Hostgator India and Hostgator USAIf you visit Hostgator India website (the .in domain) you will still be given an option to visit the company's US website. Hostgator India utilises the the server infrastructured powered by GPX, located in Mumbai. While the hostgator USA has its own infrastructure. The main difference is in the billing and payment options. I do not think there's any differentiation in the services offered by them. For Bluehost India, you can make the hosting purchase with local currency in Indian Rupees and there are leading payment gateway services supported like PayU and PayTM. This makes payments easier. Hostgator also promises local language support - which is quite an advantage if you are new to hosting and are not comfortable speaking in English.We've heard good reviews of the HG India hosting and you should not hesitate to host with them. Do let us know your own review of their services.Can I use the Hostgator India coupons on Hostgator USA or vice-versa?I believe, you cannot. Hostgator India is managed separately and allows payments in Indian rupees; with Indian credit cards or debit cards and established payment gateways. The discount coupon we have provided is applicable only for Hostgator India.Hostgator India Long Term Hosting - Advantages / DisadvantagesFrankly speaking, if you are starting a website, you should at least start with a 1-year long plan. There are two things - first the domain registration length is 1 year and second, your website or blog will need at least 6- 9 months to get on acceleration path. The biggest advantage of opting for long-term hosting is that you can save lot of money using the latest discount coupons or promo codes available. The only disadvantage I can see is that you end up spending a little more than you'd if you opt for short-term plan. However, if you take into account the overall economics of hosting, long-term plan is any time more desirable than short-term plan. It saves lot of money for the individual and startup in the longer run.Hostgator India Affiliate Marketing - Join or Not to Join?The affiliate marketing plan is free to join and you need not be a customer of Hostgator India. You can  promote their plans and get paid for your services from them. So the answer is yes, you should join the program and look for various ways of promoting Hostgator's services. I hope this answers all your questions. If you have more, let me know.
Have you directly partnered with Hostgator to offer the discount you are offering? Because I have heard that many reviewing site claim that they actually offer discount but many of the coupons do not work ?Does Hostgator will offer 30 day money back guarantee with this coupon code?Do this website is hosted on Hostgator itself? 
Bala Venkat
Rank D1 - MASTER
Is it really easy to redeem the Hostgator India coupons? I think that the best way is to mention the actual coupon code so that I can use it during the checkout process. What do you say?
What are the renewal charges for Hostgator India ? Is it with discount ? How much is the discount rate for renewal of account ?
Mohit Patil
Rank C2 - EXPERT
Some Hostgator coupons out there promise a discount of 55% or even 75%. I always wonder if these are genuine sale prices. I have declided to go with the 3 years plan at Rs. 299/month. The Hostgator Performance plan is perfect for running 2 Wordpress installations, 20 GB storage and 4 GB RAM. I think this is enough for any startup company whose main intention is to just be a fast loading informative website.I am looking for webhosting plans for some of my client's work. And I think they are offering performance plan for visitors up to 200K/month. I just have one question - On high traffic days, the visitor count can go significantly up. Will that affect site loading performance?
Apologies for late response, Sagar. CrazyEngineers is an affiliate partner of HostGator and that's the reason we are able to list their discounted web hosting plans and special coupon codes for our fellow engineers. We regularly verify all the coupon codes listed on our site and they are guaranteed to work. If any coupon does not work, please bring it to our attention and we'll have it fixed / updated. Hostgator will offer 30-day money back guarantee even after using the discount coupon. Don't worry about it. I'm confident that you will not want your money back once you've experienced their offering. Our experience with them has been awesome.CrazyEngineers is NOT hosted with Hostgator. Our setup is quite different from traditional websites and our requirements are different. We run an array of several servers - web-server, redis-server, database server, search server to handle all the traffic to this website. I hope this helps. Thanks! 
Bala Venkat
Rank D1 - MASTER
I noticed a SPRING SALE on Hostgator web hosting plans which offers 50% OFF On Web Hosting on 9th & 10th April. Use the Coupon Code : SPRING19 folks! It is valid for 250 customers only. So better hurry up! I am planning to get the  Baby plan for 5 years at Rs. 249 per month. It's valid for 3 domains and gets me free SSL. I think it's a pretty sweet deal.