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Bluehost Discount Secret Trick + Coupon + Deal | Jul, 2020

Exclusive deal information last updated on 05 Jul, 2020

Brief Overview (What's Included)

If you are looking for Bluehost discount coupon or special deal on Bluehost hosting - look no further. Here's a secret trick that gets lowest possible pricing for your hosting needs. 

  • Savings 75% over the listed price
  • Domain Name: Free domain name included. Most popular gTLDs are covered.
  • Coupon Code: Automatically applied when you click ‘Activate Coupon’. 
  • Offer Expires: In the next 32 minutes.
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05 Jul 2020
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Complete Description

Trick to Get Additional 20% Off with existing Bluehost coupon:

Using the coupon above, you'll get a minimum of 60% off. However, if you are a little patient and want to experiment a bit, you can get an additional 20% off using the same Bluehost coupon. It works 99% of the times, but some extra work is required. 

Follow these steps:-

  1. Click on 'Activate Now' button to activate the deal [ Important Step ]
  2. On Bluehost home page, click on 'Get Started Now' button
  3. Select the plan of your choice. We recommend opting for  'Basic' plan.
  4. On the 'Sign up Now' page, either select your domain or wait for 5 seconds to either have a pop-up or a link appear at the bottom that says "Choose domain later". Don't worry, because the domain is included in the price.
  5. Important Step: You are on 'Create Your Account' page. But don't jump into filling up the sign-up form. 
    1. Wait for about 5-8 seconds,
    2. Now, enter something in any of the fields. 
    3. Move your cursor sideways, outside of the browser window. You can even try opening a new tab.
    4. You should get a 'Lucky Popup'. This will add another 20% off to the listed price!

The reason why this trick works even with existing Bluehost coupons is that we are actually trying to imitate a behavior of an undecided customer. 

Bluehost tries to retain a customer who is about to quit by offering an extra 20% discount, on already discounted price! If the trick didn't work in first go; repeat steps 1-5 above. 

We were able to get the special Bluehost discount coupon pop-up in all 5 out of 5 tries that we did at various times on different days. In fact, the 'Lucky Popup' was actually confirmed to us by the Bluehost's tech-support. 

Overview of available Bluehost discounts

Bluehost hosting typePlanDiscount
Shared HostingBasic66% + 20%
Shared HostingPlus64%
Shared HostingChoice Plus60.3%
Cloud HostingStarter / Performance / Business Pro30% - 40%


Introduction To This Guide:

This microsite or guide is dedicated to helping new bloggers, webpreneurs and web administrators address the most common challenges faced. These challenges include, but not limited to –

  1. Choosing the right web hosting
  2. Saving costs on web hosting plans
  3. Selecting the right kind of hosting
    1. Shared Hosting (Windows / Linux)
    2. Cloud Hosting
    3. VPS or Dedicated Server
  4. Selecting the right CMS: WordPress Vs. Drupal Vs. Joomla
  5. Ensuring optimal SEO aka Search Engine Optimisation

Reason Bluehost offers discount coupon codes

Web hosting is an interesting business. Almost every established hosting company offers attractive coupon codes and exclusive deals. You might wonder how can Bluehost offer over 75% discount on their listed price, because it doesn’t even make sense. 


TL;DR, because hosting prices have gone down drastically in the last decade because of reduced hardware prices and growing competition. For web hosts to stay competitive in volatile markets, they must attract new customers – and offering discounts through coupon codes is a smart way to do that.

Coupons address two most important pain-points:

  1. It saves a lot of money to their customers
  2. Companies can still make profits in the longer run, without charging more to the clients.

Once a new customer is on-boarded, the web hosting company does everything it can to keep them happy. Because the longer the customer remains with them, the more money they can make.

It’s a win-win situation for both the company and the client. The client pays very less and the company can make profits. 

How does Bluehost discount coupon work?

The discount coupon is automatically applied to your order when you checkout. Bluehost will strike-through the regular hosting charges and show you the highly discounted price when you activate the deal. 

Economics Behind Discount Coupons 

Virtualization has helped web hosting companies share the same hardware with multiple clients. A shared web hosting services provider would first take a highly powerful dedicated server or pair it with multiple such servers and then create a virtualization layer over it. 

This layer allows creating multiple hosting accounts for clients that share the same resources. Now, it’s a fact that not every website that is sharing the resources with others will get huge traffic. This means multiple websites with low traffic can co-exist on the same virtual layer.

If any of the websites get a traffic burst, it will simply ‘invade’ the resources from its neighboring website that isn’t getting much traffic. The virtualization software so sophisticated that it can take care of traffic spikes without anyone noticing. 

Money-wise, this allows web hosting companies to have a large number of websites running on a single big machine; and thus the overall cost encountered by the web hosting company per website is very low. That’s the reason why most of them can offer unbelievable discounts. 

Choosing The Right Web Host: Bluehost Evaluated On Important Factors

Bluehost is not a new entrant in the web hosting industry. In fact, the company was founded back in 1996. The company is now owned by the Endurance International Group aka EIG, one of the biggest names in the web hosting industry. 

They own a 50,000 sq. ft facility in Utah (United States) and employ over 700 professionals. When you host your website with them, you join a big family – of over 2 million websites. 

However, we are not going to make our choice on the basis of how big or small the hosting company is. We need to check how well they rank on the most important factors of Web Hosting. 

Ease of Use: 

Web hosting itself could be very overwhelming, if not daunting to new users. It’s essential that web hosting service providers simplify the onboarding process. 

In our tests and review of multiple hosting service providers, Bluehost was one of the top 5 contenders that have simplified the account creation process to a simplest possible. 

They’ve made it easy to create an account and launch your website in flat 15 minutes. If you wish to do that, we’ve a ready-made guide for you to follow.

  • Link to Create Website Tutorial

Our Rating: 4/5 [Excellent]

Technical Support: 

A lot of new customers often tend to ignore this important factor only to repent their decision later. Highly qualified technical support is essential to any new website; even if you are an experienced server administrator. 

This is because you will need some on-site support supervisor at times who can take control of your server and perform some mission-critical tasks – like upgrading hardware or updating operating system software or installing security patches. 

We found out that Bluehost tech-support team is highly qualified and they have deep knowledge of server administration. We however had to wait for several minutes before we could get through the technician.

Our Rating: 3.4/5 [Very Good]

High Quality Server Hardware:

You cannot go wrong with the quality of the hardware infrastructure the web host is offering. It determines whether your website will run smoother and faster – which is an important SEO factor that Google’s ranking algorithms consider. 

For Bluehost, the hardware offered for shared hosting does not list ‘SSD’ aka Solid State Drives. However, they do offer unmetered bandwidth and 100 MB of space for email account. 

Our Rating: 3/5 [Good, Needs Improvement]

WordPress Auto-Installation: 

It’s quite likely that if you are starting a new website, you should make use of the WordPress CMS. It’s a highly popular web content management system that makes almost every aspect of managing your content (text, photos, videos etc.) very easy. 

Bluehost offers 1-click WordPress install; which means you can have all the installation and configuration automated for you. We like this a lot because this is the toughest part of launching your website. 

Our Rating: 4/5 [Excellent]

About Bluehost’s Free Domain and SSL:

You’ll get a free domain and a free SSL certificate when you create a new account with Bluehost. Note that your choice of the gTLD will be limited to the most popular ones like .com, .net, .org. 

If you wish to have a fancy domain name like .guru, .pro, .xyz, .tech; you will have to register your domain with some other domain registrar like Godaddy.com or Name.com

Choosing the right Web Hosting Plan

The next critical factor to understand is how to choose the right web hosting plan. Each plan is customized for different type of website. Let’s take a look at the types of web hosting you might want to consider. 

Shared Web Hosting:

Perhaps the most popular plan among the new webmasters because of its lower costs. Shared web hosting, as we mentioned earlier, is simply a type of hosting where the server resources are ‘shared’ by multiple websites. 

It’s not a bad thing – provided you are with the right host. Because it gives you a testing ground for your venture, blog or website – and you can always upgrade. 

In addition, small traffic spikes are all taken care of by shared hosting without any issues. 

VPS Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers:


Virtual Private Servers are is an enhanced type of shared web hosting where the web host actually ‘dedicates’ the resources to your account. For example, the web host may offer VPS plan with 20 GB SSD storage, 1TB of Bandwidth and say 1.5GB of RAM. 

This means, all these resources will be available to your website at any point of time and exceeding them is not allowed. 

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers, as the name suggests are server(s) dedicated to your hosting account. An entire physical server is allotted to your account and you are free to use all its resources for your needs. 

One big advantage of dedicated servers is that you are in total control of your server, and decide which operating system to install and what kind of hardware you want for your server. 

Make sure that you check for the discount coupon codes to get attractive deals on all hosting types. 

Which hosting plan should I choose?

This is where we need to be extra careful. A general advise is that if you are just starting out, opt for shared hosting plan that costs the lowest. Often, these plans will be highly discounted – so make sure that you search for appropriate coupon code before you make the purchase.


We’ve done the research in order to save time for you, and have documented our findings below: 

Bluehost Plans Review and Comparison

Bluehost offers three choices under its shared or WordPress hosting plans:

Basic Plan

Can host only one website, gets you 50 GB of data, 1 free domain, 5 parked domains and 25 subdomains along with 5 email accounts.

Plus Plan

All the limitations of the ‘Basic Plan’ are removed in the ‘Plus’ plan. It costs a bit higher than basic, though.

Choice Plus

Bluehost officially recommends this plan and also offers very good discount on its regular price of $14.99. You can get it for a monthly cost of $5.45.

Think about your needs. Are you going to host multiple websites? If yes, we recommend opting for the ‘plus’ plan; otherwise start with the ‘basic’ plan. 

If you are undecided, the ‘Basic Plan’ should be your choice, because Bluehost does allow you to switch to a higher plan later. 

Once you press the Activate Deal button, the lowest price offer will be automatically activated for your account.

Bluehost and SEO – Case Study and Observations

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is a collection of tools and techniques that are used to boost your website’s rank in search results for specific keywords. 


Google makes use of about 200 different signals to determine the rank of your website when the user searches for specific keywords. Just to give you an idea, you might have found this page by searching for following keywords:

  1. Bluehost discount code
  2. Bluehost discount coupon
  3. Bluehost coupon 
  4. Bluehost maximum discount 

Because you found this page on the front page; Google must have thought that this microsite provides lot of useful and genuine content about what the users are looking for. It did so because of SEO. 

A high quality web host is critical for SEO. Let’s take a look at the most important points to consider from web hosting perspective. 

SEO Factor #1: Page Load Timings

No one likes slow loading pages; and so does Google. In fact, Google says that faster loading websites will be given more preferences in search results over slower websites. 

This means that your web server must be able to respond to the incoming GET and POST requests really fast. That’s where the quality of servers offered by hosting company matters. 

In our tests of running WordPress server, the average ping time was as follows –

Server Location: United States (Utah)

Data accumulated using a set of 10 GET Requests

Note: Lower response times are better

Ping LocationServer Response Time in Milliseconds

In our opinion, those are quite good ping times for shared servers running WordPress. They indicate that servers actually responded very quickly to the incoming requests. 

Our Rating: 4/5 [Excellent]

SEO Factor #2: SSL (https://)

Google is quite serious about encrypting communication between client and server. Google Chrome even prevents users from visiting sites that are served over regular http:// by displaying a warning message.

Bluehost’s plans include a free SSL certificate. It’s auto-configured for your website so you do not have to go through the installation process yourselves. 

Our Rating: 4.5 [Excellent]

SEO Factor #3: Server Farm Location

It’s not a direct contributor to the SEO; but it highly influences the page load times. Bluehost has servers located in the United States. Which means if you have your main audience located in US, you don’t have to worry.

For those websites that have their primary audience from Europe or Asia will have to make use of Content Delivery Network aka CDN. 

Our Rating: 3.5/5 [Needs Improvement]

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review

Bluehost WordPress hosting is a specialized hosting type that is optimised for WordPress software. It includes some of the customisations required to run WordPress smoothly. Here's an overview:

  1. Secured WordPress Installation: This is done automatically for you. The best practises and guidelines for hardening WordPress are followed.
  2. Automatic WordPress Updates and Upgrades: Bluehost tech team will automate the installation of critical WordPress version updates and major upgrades. This ensures that clients have latest WordPress codebase running at any point of time.
  3. WP-CLI:  The WordPress Command Line Interface is meant for developers. It allows developers to perform several server-side tasks without needing the WordPress Admin Panel.
  4. Free WordPress Caching: Caching allows most of the incoming requests to be served directly from the cache, avoiding re-execution of PHP script. This is a well-established way of improving site's loading speed. Site loading speed is an essential SEO factor.
  5. Unmetered MySQL Database: Database queries consume lot of CPU power, which is costly. Lot of web hosts will throttle the CPU to limit the CPU consumption by long-running SQL queries. Bluehost eliminates this bottleneck. However, it's essential that users do not

As you could see, Bluehost does a lot of things right. But they miss out on an important point. Use of SSDs in their smaller plans. In fact, we were suprised that they did not offer SSD option in any of the starter plans; and the only way to run site on Bluehost's SSDs was to upgrade to PRO. We hope they fix it in near future.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Final Rating: 4.6 / 5

Bluehost Alternative: We've found A2 Hosting to be a worthy Bluehost competitor which excels where Bluehost lacks.

WordPress Staging Environment: Worth it?

Bluehost's Plus and Choice Plus plans offer 'Staging Environment'. A staging environment is an exact replica of your live server, but accessible only to you via a private URL.

Staging servers are extremely important because they help you test and experiment with new addons, plugins, themes and your own code without messing up with the live server.

For our own WordPress Apps development, we made use of the WordPress Staging servers a lot and it helped us avoid a lot of headache; because we could discover bugs right before pushing our code to the live server.

Think about it. If your website or blog relies on custom plugin development or tests various themes; you'll definitely need the stating environment. Otherwise, for most of the websites, you can easily do that offline. Be aware that if your local server specs don't match the live server; you could expect surprises.

Selecting between WordPress and Drupal

An important choice any new webmaster needs to make is whether to opt for WordPress or Drupal. Both WordPress and Drupal are well established Content Management Systems (CMS) with their own loyal fan base.

If your interaction with the CMS is going to be limited to using its admin panel; both WordPress and Drupal are quite good and intuitive. In our opinion, WordPress excels in some of the departments - like the choice of front-end themes with visual website builders and the choice of plugins.

Plus, there's huge community backing WordPress which makes it really easy to get help for any issue that you might face.

Overall we've found WordPress really easy to use with; and the greater choice of plugins allows the website to be tweaked for any specific use case.

Plus, hosting companies like Bluehost and several others offer optimised WordPress hosting. When you opt for it using our special discount coupon codes, you get a steal deal!

User Comments, Feedback and Questions

Jenny Taylor
Dear CE Team, thank you for the coupon. The trick to get extra discount actually works as suggested. Is there a way to choose the server location for Bluehost's shared hosting plan?
Aaron Hansel
Thanks for the lucky pop-up trick. Could you do a review of their shared hosting plan? I compared Bluehost with their rivals and my research shows that they all offer similar hardware specs. I am planning to create a WordPress multi-site installation and wondering if it would be too much for them to handle.On my local test server, the memory consumption spikes between 2MB and 28MB for queries that fetch over 2000 records. Just want to make sure that the starter 'Lite' plan could handle it. I can't spend any penny more on hosting at this time. Would appreciate a response.
@Aaron - You are right; the server specs offered by most of the rivals in web hosting business are similar. Bluehost offers 50GB storage and unmetered bandwidth; which we believe is more than sufficient for any new blog or website.The key thing to look for in the Basic plan is that it has a free domain included along with five parked domains and 25 sub domains.The number of sub-domains is important, because you actually use them to host totally different content, without affecting the SEO and Page Rank of the original domain.For WordPress Multi-Site, we'd recommend opting for a 'directory' structure over sub-domain because in our research, we found out that it's better for SEO and overall structuring of the content on the site. It's better to navigate for users and does not confuse Google search bots.We believe 20MB+ for any request is huge. You will have to inspect your code for possible memory leak issues. Try to stick to default WP Query object to run your MySQL queries. It should resolve the problem. Let us know if we could help.
@Jenny - Bluehost does not let you select server location. Their data center is located in Utah, United States. If your audience is primarily from US or Europe; Bluehost's response time is quite fast. It slows down a bit for Asian countries though.For all practical purposes; and if you are just starting out, server response times offered by Bluehost are much better than competition. Our only concern with BH is that they do not have SSD storage for shared hosting accounts.
The listed Bluehost coupons work across shared and VPS plans. We will update our article to reflect suggested changes shortly.The Bluehost Go Pro plan is an enhanced version of the shared hosting. The main reason you might want to consider it is because of the high-grade performance server. While regular Bluehost shared hosting plans offer a regular server, PRO users seem to get an SSD server.SSDs are well known for the higher throughput with high speed read/write operations per second. This is known to enhance the overall site's speed and performance.If you are planning to run a WordPress blog, you might want to consider opting the VPS plan. Do look at the available discount coupons
Amit Tandon
Thank you for brief review of Bluehost staging environment. It looks useful. I belong to a digital agency that specialises in custom WordPress solution and we have been looking to move to a new host. I wish to better understand the concept of Performance VPS hosting.Bluehost advertises that for $8.95/month, the plan supports unlimited websites. The plan, however offers 4GB RAM. I think it'd be insufficient to run our client's websites. We want to test with about 20 websites. Would appreciate your opinion. Thank you!
@Amit - you've asked a very important question. You are right, with 4GB limit on Bluehost's VPS Performance plan and 6GB limit on Business Pro, it'd not be possible to run 'unlimited' websites.However, there is a way to accommodate larger number of websites by enabling caching and limiting PHP memory consumption. There are following ways to do that -First, limit the number of WordPress plugins on any client website, if possible. Second, enable file cache plugin. We have found Rocket Cache plugin to be an excellent choice. It is a file-cache based plugin that is excellent to serve static content. We are updating the main article with speeding up WordPress on Bluehost with Rocket cache plugin.
Amit Tandon
Appreciate your quick response. WP Rocket caching plugin looks promising. I'll have to research a bit about the advantages and disadvantages of file cachine. I'm not sure if I can implement it straightway for our client websites.Is there a possibility of having CrazyEngineers Staff negotiate a special discount coupon for Bluehost's dedicated servers? I believe the 4-core, 8-threads option would be ideal fit for our needs.
Mohit Patil
Rank C2 - EXPERT
Could you compare Bluehost WordPress Hosting with Hostgator WordPress Hosting? I want to get the best option for cheapest price.Also let me know if it's worth buying long term hosting plan over a short term plan? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
Patrick Dafoe
@Mohit Patil - My colleague had a poor experience with Hostgator's Baby plan. He used it to run his fairly successful blog that received ~6-8K daily uniques. What's surprising is that they do not include SSL certificate with their beginner plans. Although I could install the SSL certificate on my own; but without root/SSH access, I'd not be able to do it.Always look for a plan that has SSL certificate included. You don't want to be auto-renewing the certificates every 3 months.
This page is very informative. Could you offer a brief comparison between Bluehost and A2Hosting? The deal breaker for me with Bluehost is that they do not have SSD support in Basic and Plus hosting plans. A2, on the other hand offers SSD across all their plans. Would appreciate a quick response.
Bala Venkat
Rank D1 - MASTER
@M.Jafar - The company I worked for had a test server on Bluehost's shared hosting plan. I was able to speed it up to have SSD like performance using Total Cache plugin. You too can have SSD like performance using a static or file cache plugin. I think WP-Rocket is quite awesome, but it's a premium WP plugin.
We've received several requests to do a review of A2 Hosting and we've already been working on it. The review shoud be ready for publishing in the next few days. We've worked out special discount codes for all A2 Hosting plans, so keep an eye on the deals section.Did we miss any important aspect of Bluehost hosting in this review? Let us know.
Monica Jha
Hi team! I was looking at Bluehost coupon codes for discounts on Dedicated servers. Do you have any special coupon codes that work with the Standard hosting plan?
@Monica - If you activate the deal by clicking the Activate Coupon button above, you may expect lower price. We however, do not have a confirmation whether it works for dedicated hosting.In our opinion, Bluehost's dedicated servers are priced really well. They have lowered the price from $119.99/month to just $79.99/month. However, the lower price applies only on the 'first term'. We recommend opting for year-long plan if your budget permits. That's the only proven way to get hosting at cheapest available prices.
Stephen NT
Are there any special reasons that you recommend WordPress over Drupal? I have created a simple website for my family business. It's some simple HTML and CSS only. How do I know that my website needs a CMS like WordPress or Drupal?
Jasmine SA
Rank D3 - MASTER
The choice of gTLDs with Bluehost seem to be limited. I am researching whether a .blog domain has SEO advantage over a .com or other domain if the website is a frequently updated blog. Would you recommend a .blog or .com for personal blog?
@Stephen - The answer to your question demands a separate section in our article. We'll update the review article to include the answer. However, WordPress is our top recommendation because of the large community that's well established around WordPress.@Jasmine- .blog domain was recently launched and Automatic, the company that maintains WordPress is actually responsible for selling it.Though with our Bluehost coupon code, you'll get domain free of cost for first year. The point to note is that its renewal will be at actual cost. .blog domains are costlier than .com domains. Do check the price list before you opt for .blog for your personal blog.There are no SEO specific advantages with a .blog domain. A .com, on the other hand is more memorable because people are used to remembering "something.com". An update to article will address this question.
Mohit G
Rank D2 - MASTER
Hi! My response is for Stephen N. I'm a Wordpress plugin developer with some exposure to Drupal development. I'd recommend going with WordPress. One may argue that Drupal's code is more organized than WP's; but for all practical purposes, it does not matter much. You will get speed and SEO benefits if you are planning to run a regular blog. If you are going to develop a new functionality over existing framework; you may look at Drupal. I am developing addons for WP for almost 3 years now and won't go back to any other CMS.
Hi team, the coupon code you've provided does not seem to be working for me. Is it still functional?I also want to know if it's possible to switch from the basic hosting plan to plus after the website is live? Will the discount code still be applicable?
@Jeffrey - could you check again. There was issue with the button which has been fixed. All the bluehost coupon codes are valid and verified. You should be able to get maximum discount.Yes, you can switch to any plan after you've made the purchase. You will have contact Bluehost tech support to switch to new plan. The coupon code, however will not work as it's applicable only on the first bill or purchase. If you wish for a long-term plan, you will only have to pay the difference. Bluehost staff can help you better with this query.
I do not see any section throughout the checkout process where I could use the available Bluehost promo codes. Is it that the promo code is automatically applied? Please clarify. Thanks.
@Manoj - Yes, all the Bluehost promo codes are automatically applied when you click on the 'Activate Coupon' button. The overall discount you will get is mentioned.In addition, we have mentioned a special trick that enables added discount using the same coupon code that you are using. I hope this helps.
Jason Williams
Thank you for this helpful resource and the discount coupons. My question is about picking up domain at the time of account creation. Bluehost says you can continue without a domain name. I am worried if account registration date and domain registration dates are different; Google might think that I'm doing something funny. Would that hurt SEO?
@Jason - Don't worry. It's perfectly okay to have a domain registered on a different date and account created on another. In fact, Google won't know what date you created your hosting account. If if it did - it's got no impact on the SEO.In fact, Google will give a slight importance to the overall age of the domain when ranking your website in search results. But don't worry too much about it. You can always write unique, compelling content on your website and attract lot of search visitors.Make sure that you make use of the promo codes that we've provided. You'll get good discount on your first bill.
Can you talk about alternatives to bluehost? My friends suggested Godaddy. But I am not sure. Thank you.
@Rupesh - There are several alternatives to Bluehost; but in general for a new website, Bluehost is highly recommended for new blogs. If you wish to have a rock-solid host; you might want to look at LiquidWeb which is an amazing web hosting company that we used for almost 10 years.We'd advise not to fret over choice of hosting company. If you start a blog, run it for about an year and find out how is it growing. If the growth is good, you can always switch to a better hosting service provider. Hope this helps.
Amar Oke
Rank D3 - MASTER
Are these coupon codes automatically applied to the order when making a purchase? I do not see any option to enter the coupon at the time of checking out. Also, between A2 Hosting and Bluehost, which one is preferable?
@Amar - The coupon code is automatically applied when you buy after clicking 'Activate Coupon' button. Also do look at the trick that we shared; that allows getting even more discount.Both A2Hosting and Bluehost are good web hosts. The only drawback we found with Bluehost is that they do not offer SSDs for the starter plans. However, that can be taken care of using a good caching plugin.
My question is not specific to Bluehost. I just want to know how difficult is it to switch to a new web hosting provider? What are the steps involved? Thank you!
@Siddharth - Changing web hosting provider is a bit of a technical process that must be handled by server administrators. In general, the steps involved are as follows -Move all software or CMS files to the new serverMigrate the database to the new serverLower the TTL (Time to Live) for the domain. This step is important!Change the DNS (Domain Name Servers) IP address to point to the new serverBe aware that most renowned hosting servie providers offer site migration / transfer service which is usually free of cost. You should always make use of it. It's safer and faster.Usually the deal that you'll get by using appropriate discount coupon code will include a free site migration.
Steve McLaren
How many staging environments are allowed per account? It it possible to destroy staging environment and quickly create a new one? Does it require any special configuration?
@Steve - It's important to understand what 'Staging Environment' actually is. It's actually a carbon copy of your live server which is accessible privately only to you; and shielded from the rest of the world.The biggest benefit of staging environment or staging server is that you can actually test your themes, post, new layouts, plugins and any custom code on a hot-copy of your live server before deploying it on the main server. This allows you to find out bugs and issues before they get sneaked to the live site. You can create one staging environment per account; and it's more than sufficient. In general, the staging environment will create a copy of your live server and let you test your software on it.It's really easy to create staging environment and you can create it as many times you want; at a click of a button.Update: Staging Environment is now available on WP PRO (WordPress Managed) hosting plans only. Shared hosting does not get staging environment.
Hi! I'm looking to start my new blog. A lot of my friends have advised to wait until Black Friday sale or Thanks Giving because that's when there will be large number of discounts offered by most of the hosting service providers.Could you tell me if it'd be worth waiting for the deals? Or should I go ahead and make a purchase? Please advise.
@Nikhil - you are right; thanks giving typically sees a lot of deals and discounts from almost every hosting company. You can expect as much as 50% off on most of the offers. However it's still lot of time till the next thanks giving. We will of course let you know the latest deals available.If you are holding off buying hosting for the deals; we'd ask you to think again. The hosting prices are already really low and at the most you will be saving a few dollars on hosting. If you are really tight on budget, you could wait until the discounts; but start working on your content right away.Create your blog posts and pages so that you'll have plenty of content when you go live with your blog. Be sure to check this page back for the latest deals, discount coupons and promo codes.
Shruti Marathe
Hii! I want to have a professional web address for my blog. Currently it is hosted on wordpress.com free account. Can you tell me how to get a professional address? Also let me know if there are special discount coupon codes available for Diwali?
@Shruti - In order to get a professional address for your blog, you will need to buy a domain name. The domain name will have to be unique to your blog. If you are planning to host your blog on Bluehost, then you do get a free domain name for one year along with your plan, free of cost.At the time of creating a new hosting account with Bluehost, you will be given an option either to use existing name or register a new one. We'll be writing a full guide that describes how to move blog from WordPress.com free account to self-hosted WordPress. Until then, please look for help from Bluehost support team. They should be able to help.
Krupal Tabhane
I've decided to go for WordPress hosting on Bluehost, but want to know if we can configure WordPress on our own. There are certain tweaks that I need to put on my server for optimal performance. If we configure WordPress on Bluehost manually, will it void the support from Bluehost technical team?
@Krupal - We'd recommend initiating a support request with Bluehost technical support staff and discuss the customisations that you need on your server. I think they'll be able to advise you better with this question.In general, simple tweaks should not be any issue. However, if you need to alter the basic software installed on your server, you should consult with Bluehost support.
Bill W
Do you have discount codes for Hostgator? I've been hearing mixed reviews about their offerings.Would appreciate if you could do a comparison of Bluehost and Hostgator hosting services.
@Bill - We will do a comparison of Bluehost and Hostgator in future. We will have to purchase hosting and use it ourselves before posting our opinion. For now, Bluehost and A2 Hosting continue to be our recommendation for new websites or blogs.Hostgator is an established name; but we've heard that they oversell their shared hosting plans; which means there will be more number of websites fighting for the limited resources. We do not confirm that this is true; but that's what we've been reading. Our official opinion will only be published after we've reviewed their services for speed and performance.We'd encourage you to sign up for a trial with them and find out how they perform. Do share your review with us.
Dan CM
Thank you for the coupon code. I'm confused between a regular shared hosting and WordPress hosting. If the user opts for WordPress hosting, is it possible to switch to normal hosting while keeping the account intact? What is the deference?
@Dan - Bluehost offers shared hosting and WordPress hosting. There are a few differentiating points. Let's take a look one by one.WordPress hosting is a 'form' of Shared hosting and there are few differences between the two. When the user opts for WP optimised hosting, Bluehost will automatically configure and tune the account for running WordPress CMS. It will install caching and tune the web server and database in order to run WordPress. Moreover, it will also install WordPress out of the box. User simply has to login to their WP account without having to do any installation steps themselves.Shared hosting, on the other hand will have the basic web server (apache) and database server (mysql) installed out of the box. It will be up to the user to decide which CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.) to install and configure.If you decide that you do not want to run WordPress; you could simply delete it and install any other software of your choice. However please keep in mind that all the discounts that you will get by using bluehost coupon code or promot code will be applicable ONLY on your first billing with Bluehost. Subsequent bills will be charged at actuals.
Bluehost Thanks Giving / Black Friday Deal 2018Bluehost is offering awesome discounts across all their web hosting plans with special discount codes and promo codes. Here's an overview of the offer -Lowest web hosting prices of the year, starting at $2.65/moAs much as 50% off on select domainsSpecial Discount Link: Bluehost Black Friday Discount This holiday season could be the best one to start your online blog or your personal website online. Those who are not aware, these special discounts are available only once every year and last only for few hours. Please grab your deal before it expires. We expect this deal to remain live till Friday till midnight. If you have questions, let us know. Our staff members will be happy to answer your questions. We are committed to bringing you the best discounts and deals on web hosting. 
Thanks for the update on the Black Friday discount for A2 Hosting. That's really once-a-year deal that's too precious not to grab. I'm thinking of going with the choice plus plan. There is almost no difference in price of plus and choice plus. But in choice plus, I am getting over $80/year in extras. I think that does amount to something. I'm thinking of going with a .in domain. Do you think this is a good choice?
Jason Williams
What are my chances of getting discounts on themes and plug-ins if I buy bluehost web-hosting on this black Friday?How to know about it? Does any  other provide discounts on all like we-hosting, themes plugins and etc?
Jason Williams
Do they provide money-back guarantee on these discounts?
Bala Venkat
Rank D1 - MASTER
How to change my web hosting company? After reading this I believe, I need to back up my site and also put up a notice for my visitors. To transfer my web host from Hostgator to Bluehost, do you think this coupon will be applicable? I know that $2.65/month is quite the cheap price, but is it possible that the price can go further down? I want to buy it at least for the next two years, so I was thinking that if there is a chance that the price will go down even more, I can wait a bit. There seem to be many deals on Bluehost web hosting. I see the ads. Just want to make sure I am getting the right offer price for my web hosting.
@Jason Williams : Yes, money back guarantee is offered. The entire price you paid to get your hosting account will be refunded within 30 days, if you do not like their service. If you have used promo code or coupon code, you'll receive the exact amount paid back on your credit or debit card. @Bala Venkat: Changing web hosting company, often, is not a straightforward task. There are several web hosting companies that will provide free site migration service, but we'll strongly recommend taking a full backup of your site before you allow them to access your website.If you are using the coupon code that we've provided, you are guaranteed to get the best deal. You're getting the best discount available across all the hosting plans. There's a black Friday deal going on at present which you should take advantage of.
Amit Tandon
I am confused between Black Friday BlueHost vs. A2 hosting ? Which one is best if we consider costing because both are giving similar features?
Can someone tell me if Bluehost offers some Ad Credits? I got information that Hostgator is offering 70% off +$200 Ad Credits ? What does this mean? And what are the benefits?
Bluehost does not offer any ad credits. Their prices are already lowest and you can get the best deal with coupon codes. If you are an Adsense user, Google will send you free Rs. 2000 credit as a part of their promotional offer. @Amit both are equally good hosting companies. My personal favourite is A2 hosting because they offer SSD servers. You can see the immediate boost in speed. But if you are a new blogger, Bluehost is good too. Simply go with the host that offers the best prices on hosting plans. 
I was searching for Bluehost Coupon Code 2018 in India when I again came across this page. , I am thinking to switch from Godaddy to Bluehost. I wanted to know that is Bluehost is better than Godaddy? I was hoping to get any year-end deal on this. Hosting can get very pricey if we don't grab the deals. My purpose is to build an e-commerce website for a local shop my uncle owns. I have a money crunch and many friends suggested that I go with Bluehost hosting. A discount coupon code is just what I wanted.
Piyush Rao
The free domain part is what hooked me in. Thanks for the detailed write up about Bluehost hosting service. How do you think it compares to the likes of DreamHost and GoDaddy? It would be great if you can do a basic comparison of these hosting services. I, for one, have been thinking of moving from GoDaddy to Bluehost for the longest time, but never really came around to it. I think the coupon codes for Bluehost just might make the cut for me. Just looking for a comparison and clear benefits of Bluehost over DreamHost and GoDaddy.Thanks. 
Amar Oke
Rank D3 - MASTER
I got lot of ideas about getting web hosting discount  with this page Very precise and knowledgeable. But My query is different -What is pricing for Bluhost OWHP? How can we get details about it? Could anybody please update me?
Amar Oke
Rank D3 - MASTER
Also what are option to  upgrade from shared hosting to OHWP ?
@Amar Oke - OHWP stands for Optimised Hosting for WordPress. Bluehost offers the OHWP service for their dedicated servers which are optimised by their technical staff for maximum performance. Note that these are different from the standard shared hosting plans. Note that these plans start at different price point. Here's a quick overview of the pricing -WP Standard: $39.99/monthWP Enhanced: $69.99/monthWP Premium: $89.99/monthWP Ultimate: $129.99/monthThe minimum server configuration you'll get is Dual CPU (Cores), Minimum 2GB RAM, 30 GB On-board storage and 30GB backup storage. SSL Certificates are also included. If you are just starting out, we'll recommend opting for Bluehost shared hosting plans optimised for WordPress. However, if you have bigger requirements, you could explore the OHWP plans from Bluehost. Do not forget to make use of the discount coupon code provided at the top. @Piyush Rao: Bluehost, Godaddy and DreamHost offerings are quite similar. There could be little difference in the offering, but do not expect drastic changes in performance or site speed.For speed and performance, you'll need to move your site to the cloud and make use of CDN, Caching mechanisms. We'd recommend going with the host that offers good technical support. That's the only thing that matters when the website is news. 
Very useful information here. What are the advantages of creating a blog on paid hosting as compared to free hosting? 
Which shared hosting plan is best? I want to start my personal blog.
@Alisha Tandon: There are several advantages and disadvantages of both paid hosting vs using a free blogging service. The blogging service providers will often limit the customisation to your blog. For example, blogging platform wordpress.com will not allow the free users to upload custom themes or install plugins for additional functionality. That facility is only available to wordpress.org (downloadable CMS) users; which needs to be installed on your own server. Also, it's good to have your own domain name that ends in gTLD .com, .org, .me, .pro etc. over creating a blog on a sub-domain or sub-directory. Anyone serious about creating a blog should opt for a professional, hosted blog. The pricing is so cheap and with additional discount code, you can get it tad cheaper. @Sagar Paranjape: The choice of shared hosting plan depends upon the requirements you have. For a simple blog, we recommend the Lite plan which helps saving lot of money on the overall hosting. You can make use of our discount coupon code to get the best price available. Hope it helps. 
Rohit Kumar
Rank D2 - MASTER
Hello there, I want to create a good looking website for teaching purpose where my students can learn from. I am not a designer by profession.How can I get it done with minimal efforts?
Hello Rohit! I've created a website for teaching purpose in the past using WordPress. If you are planning to host videos or audio lectures on your educational website/blog, I'd recommend opting for Optimised WordPress offered by Bluehost. You do not need to be a designer. Simply opt for a good looking WP theme. Make sure that you use the discount coupon we're offering in order to get maximum discount. Also go with yearly plan so that you get maximum savings. 
Thanks for your inputs @Bala Venkat, After much deliberation, I have chosen to go with A2Hosting instead of Bluehost. Simply because they have a much wider range of payment options. I don't have a debit/credit card, so I think I will go with the direct bank deposit option for at least the first year. Next year onwards, I could go with netbanking. 
I just purchased domain using above Bluehost web hosting discount code. From where I can start now? Please anybody guide me.
@Rupesh - After creating your account, you will have to login to your account dashboard. There, you will find way to access your WordPress admin panel. Make yourself familiar with Wordpress software.PS: Thank you for using the coupon. It helps us keep things free for everyone. 
@Rohit Kumar: Yes, WordPress is a great choice. WordPress 5.0 has been announced and it brings in lot of author friendly features like the most useful Gutenberg editor. Do not forget to get the best price on the ongoing deal through our coupon code. 
We urge all Bluehost potential customers to explore their Fully Managed WordPress Hosting offering. For just $19.95/month (special discounted price if you use our exclusive bluehost discount coupon). Bluehost will customise your WordPress so that it runs faster and with full security. Do not miss the deal! 
Mohit G
Rank D2 - MASTER
Hi again! After much thought and evaluating multiple web hosting companies, I finalised two - Bluehost and A2 hosting. I created a test site on Bluehost using the coupon code that you had provided. I also got the promised discount.However, I canceled the account after doing some testing. Now I am ready with my final site and want to create new account again on Bluehost.Can you tell me if I can use the same coupon code again to get maximum discount possible? Are discount codes linked to credit or debit card? What if I use another payment method and email ID? 
Jasmine SA
Rank D3 - MASTER
Does Bluehost provide good email hosting package? What are options to go for ?
@Mohit G: Both A2 Hosting and Bluehost are excellent web hosting choices. They have been industry leaders for several years now and you can definitely pick either. For Bluehost: In order to buy new web hosting plan, you could try with existing discount coupon code that we've linked. If it gets you the discount, it will be applicable only on your first bill. For A2 hosting: The discount coupon code is available separately. Please head over to the A2 Hosting deals page where you'll get the latest verified deal. One important thing to note is that all the deals that we host on this site are applicable on the first bill. You will have to discuss with the technical/sales support staff to know whether the coupon can be used to get the discount deal again. Otherwise, it'd be better to create a new account using new email ID, phone number and perhaps using a different Credit Card or Debit card. @Jasmine SA : We are not aware of a dedicated email hosting package. However, once you've configured your own domain name, it's easy to setup a custom email ID. We need more clarity on your email hosting needs to offer proper advise. Thank you. 
Amar Oke
Rank D3 - MASTER
Lot of good information here. Thanks guys for providing so many points here for newbies.I have read somewhere  that Hostgator is providing web hosting with minimum of Rs.90/PM. But I feel Bluehost is giving way better services than Hostgator. Could you please let me know the comparison between Bluehost and Hostgator? I like to build my personal website for a social cause. The comparison will really help me to choose perfect web hosting plan.Thanks.
Need a new Bluehost coupon code for 2019. Right now with 51% off, it's at ₹280.92 INR monthly, which is a great deal, but can I avail monthly bill on this? I am near to completing the 30 days free trial and saw that it gets automatically renewed. Wish there was a way to get billed monthly. I want to stick to Bluehost hosting because it's being recommended by all top bloggers..
@Amar - Very interesting question. Hostgator is also an excellent choice when it comes to hosting a blog or a personal website. Both these hosts offer similar services and you can pick either of them. If you are just starting out, you could pick up their starter plans and upgrade as your website becomes popular. @Rishabh - The coupons we've added are verified and actually working. Unfortunately, these coupon codes are short-lived and therefore if you are looking to buy in 2019; I'd recommend you to wait until you are ready and use the best discount coupon available at that time. That's the best way to go about it. Unfortunately, every deal that we offer is applicable only on first bill. 
Jenny Taylor
Hi again, I need help in setting up my website which I want to start as e-commerce. I am thinking of buying bluehost with wordpress+woocommerce plugin. Could you please let me know what price I need to pay for this combo?
@Jenny: For eCommerce, our recommendation is WooCommerce. One special consideration you need is to figure out what's going to be your storage size. eCommerce store typically needs lots of product photos which take up lot of size on server.If your needs aren't big and you are just starting out with say up to 500 products; we recommend the 'BASIC' plan. You can always upgrade to higher, upgraded hosting plan as your needs go up. We've a discount coupon that should give you a great deal across Bluehost's plans. 
Mohit Patil
Rank C2 - EXPERT
Is there any way to stop auto-renewal of the plan? Will the coupon be applicable on the bill if we go for annual billing?
How is Bluehost India different from Bluehost U.S? Why should we prefer it over Bluehost U.S 
Jason Williams
I wanted to ask if there any Christmas discount going on on any of the web hosting plan? I am planning to change my web host provider in this case can you guide me which is the best who offer cheapest plan to run my inventory based website.Thanks.
@Mohit - Excellent question. Yes, auto-renewal of the plan can be stopped. You will have to contact the sales team of Bluehost and inform them. I personally setup an alarm a week before the renewal so that I don't get any unwanted renewals. The coupon and discount deals are applicable only once - on the first bill.@Manoj - Bluehost India uses the same infrastructure as that of Bluehost USA. It's only the billing mechanism that is different. @Jason: I'm afraid it's too late for the Christmas discount. They had Thanksgiving deals (almost 50% off), holiday deals and special discount coupons for new year. However, you should not wait for further price reduction as these deals are rolled out only once or twice every year. Bluehost is already offering their plans at discounted rates. Use the 'Activate Deal' button at the top to get maximum benefit across all plans. 
Bala Venkat
Rank D1 - MASTER
I really appreciate all the efforts that you guys have put in for building this page. Great to see that the staff responds almost immediately after posting a query.I had a question about the Bluehost basic plan specifications. It says the Bandwidth is unmetered. Could you explain what that means? Also in the Basic Plan they offer 20 MySQL databases and mas DB size of 3 GB, is that sufficient for a heavy woocommerce site. We have about 30 products with 4-5 variations of each. Does the DB size and bandwidth affect my website's SEO score?
Mohit Patil
Rank C2 - EXPERT
Is there any specific Bluehost Coupon for India? I am confused between Siteground and Bluehost. I want Wordpress Hosting. Siteground is offering it for $5.95/mo whereas Bluehost is super costly at $29.95/mo. Why so much difference? What is the best for my needs?
Unmetered bandwidth simply refers to unmetered traffic. The host will not charge extra for the traffic surges. 20 MySQL databases are more than sufficient and 3GB is quite a lot of data if you are not saving your images in database; otherwise the database gets filled up quickly. DB Size and bandwidth do not contribute towards website's SEO score.@Mohit - Nope, we don't have any specific Bluehost India coupon code. Siteground is another good option for WordPress. We're coming up with a review of the host. If you wish to start, go with Bluehost as they are proven leaders; just like Siteground. It's a matter of selecting the host that fulfills your web hosting requirements. Make sure to use the available coupon codes to get the best deal on offer pricing.
@Bala - 20 databases are going to be more than enough for most of the beginner websites. You will typically use just one database with multiple tables. 
Piyush Rao
Thanking the staff for the help. I tried using the discount coupon offered and got the best deal possible. I have several questions about web hosting, billing and wordpress. Please answer them for me at your earliest.Q1. What are the important factors to consider for best SEO?Q2. Can we integrate adsense or affiliate links on the site hosted with Bluehost?Q3. Is Bluehost India Coupon different from Bluehost USA? Q4. Is there any way to get bluehost cheaper? Thank you for the support. 
@Piyush, allow me to answer your queries one by oneQ1. What are the important factors to consider for best SEO?SEO is a vast domain and it choice of a good web hosting is just a part of it. As we mentioned in the details, a good web hosting company ensures that the site page loading is faster, the connections are secure (SSL, HTTPS), and the site's uptime is either 100% or closer to it.However, keep in mind that Google search engine takes into account about 200+ factors to rank any page. In general, great, unique and original content rules. So do the basic SEO and then wait for Google to index your site and rank it. We'll discuss all the factors in the tutorials section of CE.Q2. Can we integrate adsense or affiliate links on the site hosted with Bluehost?You are the full owner of the site that you've created. No matter which host you choose, you can do whatever you want. Of course, you should not have content that is prohibited by Bluehost's policies. Other than that, you are free to add Adsense, Affiliate Links or any other monetisation mechanisms suitable to your website. That is, you choose your monetisation strategy.Q3. Is Bluehost India Coupon different from Bluehost USA? Both Bluehost India and Bluehost USA are owned by the same company EIG (Endurance International Group). Bluehost operates two separate companies to help with better billing and payment mechanisms and having web host nearer to the target audience. Just FYI, the EIG is the company that owns several web hosting companies and is one of the leaders in the domain. In fact, several reputed hosting companies are owned by the EIG. As we've already discussed, when the host is physically near the end-user or majority of traffic - the sites naturally tend to load faster. Unfortunately, the discount coupon codes for Bluehost India and Bluehost USA are different. We only cater to Bluehost USA. Q4. Is there any way to get bluehost cheaper? I'd not say there aren't any ways to get bluehost cheaper than it is now. But think about it - the plans being offered are already super cheap and are further discounted by special coupon codes and promo codes. Plus, if you get yearly or 3-year billing plan, the entire investment comes down to just a few hundred dollars, which is quite awesome. If you find out any other way to bluehost plans at lower price, let us know. We'll update our deals section accordingly. I hope this answers your questions. 
Have you directly partnered with bluehost to offer the discount you are offering? Because I have heard that many reviewing site claim that they actually offer discount but many of the coupons do not work ?Does bluehost will offer 30 day money back guarantee with this coupon code?Do this website is hosted on bluehost itself? 
@Sagar, thank you for the question. We're being completely transparent. The promo codes we offer are verified almost on daily basis with Bluehost. Typically, Bluehost and several other web hosting companies keep their offers going round the year. Also the activate coupon is an affiliate link which gets us some commission when you make the purchase; at discounted price. If the discount coupon or the promo code on this deal page does not work, please bring it to our attention. We'll have a quick review and update accordingly. Money back guarantee is offered by Bluehost despite usage of coupon code at the time of billing. It's offered across their plans. If you do not like their services, infrastructure or technical support, you can claim a refund. We've tested this and yes, you do get full refund within say 7 - 10 working days. However, ensure that the refund is claimed within 30 days of activating the account. CrazyEngineers has grown beyond shared hosting long ago and needs dedicated resources o handle all the traffic. We are hosted on Amazon AWS infrastructure; which is a cloud hosting service provider. The site actually has an array of servers handling independent responsibility (database, caching, search, web etc.). I hope this answers your questions.
Bala Venkat
Rank D1 - MASTER
I am seeing that $3.95 is approximately 50% off of $7.99. That's just amazing pricing IMHO. Wish there were more competitors like this from India. Do you guys have any insight on the Go Pro plan by Bluehost? It is offered at $13.95 and the deal is pretty sweet I guess. They are offering the Choice Plus package. Anyone here tried it? what is your review?
Do we have any option to select monthly payment in Bluehost like in Hostgator, I heard they do not offer monthly web hosting?What f i want to discontinued after several months? Will I be at loss ? or is it cheap than Hostgator? Need to decide.Please guide.
Can you tell me the importance of Server Farm Location while choosing the right plan in Bluehost? I have booked once in the past for a friend but never paid any attention to this factor? What is the best for folks in India if your majority of traffic is also Indian?
Mohit Patil
Rank C2 - EXPERT
Bluehost is clearly a winner when it comes to a cheaper web hosting plan with maximum benefits. $3.95/month is nothing when you see the kind of support these guys provide. My recommendation for all would be to go for Bluehost plus package for 2 or 3 years term minmimum.  Note that - Higher the term plan will be, the more your savings will be. ? 
@Bala - Bluehost WP Pro plans are bit costlier than the regular plans; but they are worth looking at if you are going to host a professional blog with WordPress. WP Pro gets you an all-in-one marketing center and dashboard along with SEO, Email Marketing and social media tools included. The plan also promises better speeds - which I believe are done through the use of Caching plugins. I'll ask you to go ahead and use the discount coupon code provided and check if it works on the PRO plan. Bluehost seems to be offering a deal that gets you about ~$10 off on the listed price. 
Rupesh - unfortunately, Bluehost only allows yearly options; but they are super cheap. There is a 30-day refund policy if you do not like their services. I however recommend using our coupon code to get the maximum discount possible. If things don't work out for you; there's nothing to lose. 
Bala Venkat
Rank D1 - MASTER
Looks like https://www.bluehost.com/hosting Bluehost website got a complete revamp. Are the hosting plans still the same or different? I always recommend Bluehost to all my friends and clients who are looking to start their new online businesses. What do you think is the best way to move forward when one is not sure about the domain name? Should one just go ahead with building the site without a domain name and figure out along the way or domain name comes before all?
Just an update: The deals app has relaunched and we'll be answering your questions. There might be some delay in responding; but be assured that your questions will be answered. Please let us know if you are facing any issues using the coupon codes offered.