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A2 Hosting Discount Coupon Code | Mega Discount | Jul, 2020

Exclusive deal information last updated on 05 Jul, 2020

Brief Overview (What's Included)

  • The coupon code is automatically applied when you click on 'Activate Coupon'
  • Domain Name: A free domain name is included
  • Coupon Code: SIP51
  • Offer Expires: In the next 17 minutes.
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05 Jul 2020
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Complete Description

A2 Hosting Coupon Codes [Verified]

We discovered A2 Hosting accidentally while researching for the top web hosting companies that offer shared hosting and VPS hosting plans. Their offers look rock-solid, but yet; A2 isn’t a name that pops-up in mind when we think about web hosting.

Perhaps, A2 isn’t spending enough on advertising in the domain that’s dominated by EIG (Endurance International Group). We’ll talk about it in this review and why it matters.

Before we present our review of A2 Hosting and comment on various hosting options they offer, here’s a quick overview of the available discount coupon codes and deals.

Verified Discount Coupon Codes for A2 Hosting

Users have a choice of several plans to choose from, to suit their specific needs. If you are undecided, we recommend going with the base plan and upgrade as your website needs grow.

Shared Hosting

Hosting PlanDiscounted PriceCoupon Code
LITE$7.99/month $3.92/monthClaim NOW
SWIFT$9.99/month $4.90/monthClaim NOW
TURBO$18.99/month $9.31/monthClaim NOW

VPS Hosting

Hosting PlanDiscounted PriceCoupon Code
Unmanaged VPS$5.00/monthClaim NOW
Managed VPS$49.99/month $32.99/month34VPS
Core VPS$49.99/month $32.99/month34VPS

Dedicated Servers

Hosting PlanDiscounted PriceCoupon Code
Semi Dedicated$18.99/month $9.31/monthZIP51
Unmanaged Flex$119.99/month $99.59/monthFASTSRVR
Managed Flex$169.99/month $141.09/monthFASTSRVR
Core Flex$169.99/month $141.09/monthFASTSRVR


Important Note About A2 Hosting Discount Coupon Codes

An important aspect that is always missed by most new webmasters or bloggers is that the above-listed coupon codes apply to your first bill.

It is therefore very important that in order to secure maximum discount using these coupons, you should opt for themaximum billing cycle. A2 offers following billing cycles –

  1. One Month: You will have to keep your account active by paying monthly billing. Not recommended because people will often forget billing and stand a chance to lose access to their account. Also, savings will be minimum in this term.
  2. One Year (Popular Choice): Most webmasters will opt for this billing cycle because one year is sufficient to determine whether the web-venture will be successful. This term gets you a good discount.
  3. 24 / 36 Months (Highly Recommended): Opting for this plan not only shows your commitment to your blog or website; but also gives you maximum money saving. Plus, the monthly price is the lowest for this 36-month term. In addition, you are secured for the next 2 – 3 year and won’t have to pay if the hosting prices go up, for whatever reasons.

A quick review of A2 Hosting

We decided to pick up some of the most essential characteristics of any good web host. Through the following points, let’s look at what A2 Hosting offers.

Time-taken for Account Set up:

Account setup is a very straightforward process and does not need any technical know-how. We chose Shared Hosting – Lite Plan for our testing purpose and got our account setup within 15 minutes flat.

However, keep in mind that A2’s automated process will take a few hours before you can access your website via its own URL. In our experiment, it took us between 4 – 6 hours to actually have the access to thewebsite via its own domain.

Of course, part of the delay is caused by the DNS propagation time. It is expected and we don’t have any complaints about it.

Our Rating:s 3.5 / 5

Infrastructure Offered Vs. Money Spent

It’s important to understand what exactly our money gets us when we select any plan. A2’s LITE plan offered 1 website, 5 databases, cPanel, free SSL and SSD; while the SWIFT plan removes the limit on anumber of websites and databases.

Keep in mind that all the shared hosting plans offer unlimited storage space, which means you will not have to worry about running out of storage space for your blogs image assets.

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

SSD and Network Performance

Our simple methodology of testing any website’s performance is simple. We create a single ‘Page’ on WordPress and then test its real-world loading speed.

Here are our findings: [ Server Location: Asia (Singapore) ]

Ping LocationAverage Server Response TimeAverage Page Loading Time
Pune, India233 ms2.9 seconds
Delhi, India344 ms2.6 seconds
Kolkata, India230 ms1.8 seconds

Now, these tests don’t give a clear idea of A2 Hosting’s overall infrastructure; but we’d guess that with SSDs and some CDN delivery of static assets (js, css, images) and compressed HTML, response times can be improved further.

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Ability to Choose Server Location

One of the options that pleased us at the time of creating an account with A2 Hosting is that they let you choose your server’s location. There are four data-center locations available –

  1. USA (Michigan)
  2. USA (Arizona)
  3. Europe (Amsterdam)
  4. Asia (Singapore)

Importance of server location

It’s very important to have the physical location of your server as nearer as possible to the majority of your audience.

A server in close proximity to the audience ensures that the digital signals don’t have to ferry around the Earth. This drastically speeds up website loading for your visitors – be it a typical, WordPress based content blog or a web application.

In the recent times, Google has begun paying more attention to the websites that load faster. Page loading speed has become an important SEO factor that cannot be ignored by any serious webmaster or website owner.

Free Domain with A2 Hosting Plans

Another interesting option that caught our attention during sign-up was this –

  1. Register a new domain
  2. Transfer your domain from another registrar
  3. I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers
  4. Use a subdomain from A2 Hosting

That’s very thoughtful of A2 Hosting’s technical / sales team. Many times, new website owners aren’t sure of the domain name. A2 lets you choose an option and even allows you to temporarily host your website on a subdomain viz. http://[your-subdomain-name].a2hosted.com.

The choice of domain name for your blog or website is quite a crucial one. You must make it memorable, short and brandable. Often, coming up with a good domain name is difficult.

Even if you think of a good domain name, there are very low chances that the ‘.com’ version of it is available. That’s why there are more .gTLD choices available now than ever before. Do make use of them.

Thankfully A2 Hosting supports a large number of gTLDs that you can choose at the time of sign-up. However, do keep an eye on the pricing of the domain. The fancier option you choose, the more you’ll have to pay.

Our Rating: 5 / 5

A2 Hosting Turbo Optimization – Is it worth it?

A2 offers a choice of adding Turbo boost to your server. We researched a bit about both Turbo Optimization and A2optimized to find out if it’s worth investing some extra money into it.

Turns out that there are few tricks they implement to speed up your websites, like setting up APC/OPcache on your server. With this caching enabled, the server will store precompiled PHP code as bytecode in the cache.

Whenever there is an incoming request – the server will try to serve the request directly from the cache; thus saving a lot of precious time.

Another important upgrade that you get with Turbo is that A2 will host your website on a server with a lesser number of websites. This makes sure that your blog has more room to grow when it gets traffic.

There are plenty of free and paid plugins that help you speed up your website using caching techniques. However, configuring them properly may require some technical know-how. If you are able to spend some more money; we’d highly recommend going for the turbo.

Do let us know if you’d like us to do a real-world speed test to check whether Turbo boost actually speeds up any website by up to 20x. We’ll need at least 20 votes to do that.

A2 Hosting Payment Options

Another thoughtful step by A2 which impressed us is the wide choice of payment options. While most of the popular web hosts stick to PayPal or Credit Card option only, A2 offers the following choices –

  1. Credit/Debit Card (Visa, MC, AmEx, Disc, JCB, DC, UnionPay)
  2. CCAvenue India (Credit/Debit/ATM Card, Net Banking/IMPS, Prepaid)
  3. Paypal
  4. Skrill
  5. Check or Money Order
  6. Bank Deposit or Wire Transfer
  7. PayULatam (Credit/Debit, PSE, Boleto, Oxxo, PagoFacil, y Otros!) - For users from Latin America

Our Rating: 5 / 5

A2 Hosting definitely does a lot of things right that others don’t. For example, we loved that all of their plans offer SSD; which are known to boost the read/write speeds, which has an overall impact on the website’s performance.

Scope of Improvement

There are several things that we believe A2 Hosting needs to improve upon so that the new users have a smooth onboarding experience.

  1. Too many options presented during the sign-up process could be really confusing to the new users. For example, if the user doesn’t know the difference between Swift Web Hosting and Turbo Web Hosting, they won’t know whether to choose that option.
  2. Priority Support Option: User is tempted to think whether they’re getting any support if they choose ‘No’ for this option. Also, it’s not mentioned if $19.99 is a one-time fee for the duration of hosting or monthly. We believe it’d be less confusing if they mention it upfront.
  3. Not many people know if they want a Spam firewall.
  4. Again, the same goes with option of ‘RailGun’ and SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt or EssentialSSL.
  5. Upselling is ‘okay’ as long as it’s not confusing to the user.

We believe we could create a guide for all the newbie users so that the sign-up process is less confusing to the users. Do contact us and let us know if you’d like to have a step-by-step guide that explains which options to choose and which to ignore; and their overall effect on the website.

A2 Hosting Managed WordPress: Just $11.99/mo

A2 Hosting has just reduced the pricing of their managed WordPress by about 65%, the new price is just $11.99/month. It's now super affordable!

Here's a quick glance at the features you will get with Managed WordPress -

1. Staging environment: Get a test-ready copy of your live server.

2. 20x Faster: Turbo servers for improved speeds

3. Free JetPack License: Quite a deal! 

4. Automated backups: So that you never lose any of your data

Final Thoughts:

A2 Hosting is a solid and robust hosting service that needs to make it easy for the new users to get started. The infrastructure is quite amazing for the pricing they offer. We were impressed by the choice of server locations available even for the beginner plans like LITE and SWIFT.

We recommend it for anyone who’s making their first attempt at launching their website. If you have questions, we’ll be happy to answer them below.

User Comments, Feedback and Questions

Anand GT
Rank D3 - MASTER
Just want to thank you for providing these discount coupon codes. I got 51% off and couldn't be happier. Keep up the good work that you are doing! Thanks!
Rohit Kumar
Rank D2 - MASTER
Hello, I wish to understand the difference between normal wordpress and optimized wordpress? Can you let me know what version of PHP will be installed on my server if I choose wordpress hosting option?
@Anand G- You are welcome. All the A2 hosting promo code that we have listed have been verified. They will be applicable only on the 1st bill.@Rohit - That's a very good question. Do refer to the Turbo Optimization part in our review above. In general, A2 hosting will install an Opcache on the server. This allows all the objects to be cached in the memory and served directly from it, without needing PHP scripts to be compiled again for each new request.We contacted A2 hosting support and they informed that there are multiple PHP versions installed on any server and users can quickly change to any version they want on the Linux Shared HostingIn general, PHP 7.2 is recommended for WordPress and most popular plugins and themes work with it. We have seen massive performance boost with latest versions of PHP compared to PHP 5.x.
Amol Jain
I am from India and want to know how different is A2 hosting India than the standard USA based A2? Do they have any difference in the hosting or server options? If yes, which one would you recommend to clients from India?
@Amol - We are not an official authority on A2 Hosting and their plans. However, we believe that they have different versions of the site for India and US (and other countries like Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, UK because they allow different payment options.If you choose the India website, you will see that you have an option to pay in Indian Rupees and you can actually see the payment gateways that support Indian currency.Similarly, if you are from United States, you can pay using USD and use an American credit or debit card. Apart from the ease of payments for customers in different countries, I don't think they differentiate their server hosting infrastructure.Also note that all the coupon codes that we have listed are applicable irrespective of the country or currency chosen. This means if you use the coupon code SIP51, you will still get 51% off on the official listed price. It works on percentage values and not on absolute values. We hope this helps.
Can we switch from wordpress to joomla in future? Are there pros or cons of switching to new CMS?
@Sagar - It is possible to switch to a new CMS at any point of time; but it's something we will not recommend. There are several reasons.Changing the CMS would mean all your pages will have new HTML. In many cases, it'd be difficult to maintain the old URLs of the posts that are already indexed by Google. Changing URL or HTML of the pages will make Google bring down your ranking for extended periods of time - typically 4 - 6 months. Your certainly do not want to lose precious traffic to your website.Also, it's highly recommended that you should make a choice of CMS only once; and change it if and only if you need significant additions to your website that are extremely difficult to achieve in current CMS.In our opinion, WordPress is an excellent CMS and it's got SEO features in-built. You can tweak the CMS any way you want and add more functionality to it.Another important aspect to consider is that you will have to make the migration on your own. If you are technical enough to handle the migration - you may think about it. But the general recommendation is to not change CMS.Also, be aware that all the promo codes will be applicable only once on your first bill. You will either have to buy a new hosting plan or create a new site on your existing plan.
Piyush Rao
What is your review of their Joomla hosting? How does it stack up against WordPress? Do the optimisations offered for WordPress hold for Joomla hosting?I already know that you are in favor of WordPress hosting by A2Hosting, but I have a legacy site that on Joomla. We cannot switch it over to WordPress just yet.
@Piyush - We haven't really run any website on A2 Hosting with Joomla; which means we aren't eligible to compare WordPress Vs. Joomla on A2 hosting. Quality of web hosting is typically determined by the servers and software they offer. In our opinion, the hardware and basic software (PHP, Apache) is actually the same for both the CMS.That means, the performance of your site will mostly be determined by the caching mechanism that you install. We are not aware of good cache plugins available for Joomla. You could give them a try for 30 days. They have a solid money-back guarantee on all the hosting plans. Do make use of the coupon code to get maximum discount on your first purchase.
I have many questions. Is it possible to change the server location after the account has been created? How can we know the location of our audience before launching our blog? Please clarify.Can the promo code be used for additional services that we buy?
@Rashmi - You will have to contact A2 Hosting technical staff to find out if they can help change the location of server after creating account. We think it should be a fairly straightforward process for them to do it as only DNS update may be required.You don't have to know the location of your audience. Simply select the server that is nearest to your location. With CDN set up you won't have to worry about location of your traffic too much.A2 hosting may offer special discount codes; but we are not sure about it. You may contact their sales team for details.
Yogesh Patil
Can you suggest any other web hosting apart from this? I want to start my e-commerce website and want to opt for a cheap hosting. I am really low on budget.
@Yogesh - Most of the web hosting service providers are going to have similar offerings. Unless you want something very specific from web hosting, we'd recommend opting for the most popular ones.We are assuming that you'll want to setup your e-commerce store with WooCommerce. It's very easy to do so and can be done within minutes by just clicking a few buttons. Is there anything that the current web hosting companies do not offer? Let us know. We will be happy to help.
Prasad Pathak
I have decided to go with A2 Hosting. But I want to know your review of their support. I am a non-technical person and this is my first ever website (blog) that I am creating. What if my website faces technical issues? How much support can I expect from A2 hosting technical staff?
@Prasad - You asked an important question. Our experience with A2 hosting has been pleasing so far. We have not had any technical issues with the test website we hosted with them; but there's one thing you could do to find out how supportive they hare.Prepare a list of technical questions you have and initiate a chat session with their technical support staff. If they answer your questions; you can be sure that you are in good hands.In our experience, most of the webmasters will face technical issues in the first ~2 months of hosting. It's a pretty straightforward and smooth ride afterwards.
Hello! I am from India and want to create a new blog for my family business. What is your opinion about Godaddy web hosting? They seem to offer cheaper web hosting plans and there are lots of discount coupon codes.One of my friends who runs web design company said that they use WPEngine. I checked the pricing but it's too high. Can you give me your opinion on Godaddy Vs A2 hosting?
@Rishabh - There are several web hosting companies and it could be confusing to select the proper one. Yes, Godaddy is an established name in domain registrations; but their reputation isn't great when it comes to web hosting.Make no mistake, they are good; but there are better hosting options, such as A2 Hosting. If you are just starting out, do not worry too much. Both A2 hosting and Godaddy will serve your blog/website well.A new blog's requirements are not big. Therefore you can choose any; our recommendation goes with A2 Hosting, though. This is because when you opt for year-long hosting using special discount coupons, you can expect to save money and yet host your website on fast SSD servers. In addition, you get a choice of server location. Not many shared hosting companies allow customers to choose the location of their server. It's a big differentiator, in our opinion.
Parikshit N
I'm looking to buy dedicated hosting. Could you tell me what are the most important criteria to consider before deciding on the dedicated hosting?
@Parikshit - The most important factor to look for is the overall hardware you are getting for the money you are paying. In general, look for more RAM, root access to your server and overall computing power that your server offers. Multi-core CPU would be desirable and so is SSL.Also pay special attention to the storage capacity. SSD would be the de-facto standard these days; but that would mean compromising on the overall storage capacity. If you must host all your media on the server itself, you will need to look for 500GB x 2 disks on your server. A2 hosting offers decent hardware. We'd advise opting for at least 4GB RAM and configure NGINX web server along with the other technology stack that your website needs. We hope this information will help you make the right decision.
Josh Malone
I'm looking to buy reseller hosting. Do you have any opinions on A2 hosting's reseller option? The reseller hosting starter plan is listed at $19.99 per month. The discount coupon code brings it down to $13.19/month.We are expecting about 10 - 12 customers of our own in the next 3 months, each paying about $5 per month for fully supported hosting service. Will it be worth it?
@Josh - We do not have experience with A2 Hosting's Reseller hosting package. We'd recommend initiating a chat with their sales team and find out if reseller hosting suffices your specific needs.Yes, $13.19/month is cheap and good to get started; however you will have to be sure about the kind of hardware you are getting for the price. You do not want your customers to complain about slow loading websites.The discount coupon code is applicable for first billing and we'd recommend opting for yearly plan. There is a money back guarantee, and you should try it on your own before offering the service to your own clients.
Amulya Joshi
I am quite happy to find A2 Hosting services. Thank you for the discount coupon codes that you are offering. 51% off is quite unbelievable. Can you tell me if it will be possible to transfer my website from blogspot to self-hosted WordPress? Will there be additional charges involved in transferring the site?
@Amulya - very important question. Yes, it is possible to migrate site from Blogger to WordPress. There was a service that CTRLQ offered; but you will have to check for new services. Our recommendation would be to start afresh with WordPress; and if you haven't published large number of posts, copy-pasting posts would be easier solution.We are not sure if A2 Hosting technical support will offer moving site from blogger to WP. You will have to initiate a chat with them and find out what are the possible solutions.For additional charges - A2 hosting sales team could help. However, please be sure to note that the discount coupon code and all the promo codes will only add discount to the first billing. Subsequent bills with A2 hosting are charged at their actual price. It's not very costly, and easily affordable.
Black Friday Deal: November 2018A2 Hosting has announced the latest black Friday deals for 2018 and the discounts are amazing. If you are thinking of setting up a professional blog or a website, the time is now! Here's the special -Web Hosting Plan TypeDiscount OfferCoupon CodeShared Hosting67% OffSAVEBIGManaged WordPress67% OffSAVEBIGManaged VPS50% OffBLKVPSCore VPS50% OffBLKVPSReseller Hosting40% OffBLKSELLSSD Dedicated Servers50% Off50DEDIPlease note that Black Friday Discount deals are offered only once per year. These are typically the lowest rates of the year and anyone wanting to buy web hosting should not miss these offers.
Bala Venkat
Rank D1 - MASTER
Thinking of grabbing the Black Friday sale discount for one of my clients for a freelance project. At the current Black Friday discount, I am getting 12 Months Lite Web Hosting for Rs. 2,554.I have been reading around for SEO and I found that sites that load faster usually get ranked better. So I though if I add the Turbo Web Hosting .. which says that it makes my site 20x faster, the price increases up to Rs.5964. For my client, SEO is critical, do you think I should go for Turbo plan? Please suggest the best way forward.
@Bala Venkat : You are right. Google's said time and again that faster loading websites will get a boost in search rankings as it's become an important SEO factor. A2 Hosting offers SSD (solid state drive) to host even the shared websites; which means your website is bound to load faster. Our advise would be to start small if price is a concern. Of course, using our coupon code, you will get the best discount available. A2 Hosting technical staff will help you migrate to faster server (turbo boost) later on if you think that the speed offered by the shared hosting plan is not enough. 
Amit Tandon
I am confused between Black Friday BlueHost vs. A2 hosting ? Which one is best if we consider costing because both are giving similar features?
I found on the A2 Hosting Site that there are some coupon codes like SAVEFAST (51% OFF) and WORDPRESS51 for the managed wordpress hosting plan and 34MVPS for managed VPS Hosting. Are these genuine coupon codes for buying A2Hosting? Also, are they temporary or we can buy using them later as well? I want to book one around new year. Will these coupon codes come with expiry or be available throughout the year?
I was looking for the A2Hosting promotional code when I came across this site. Thanks for all the useful information. Just wanted to check, does A2 Hosting provide any uptime guarantee? I have previously suffered a lot due to my site going down for long hours with no prompt help from the support team. Being a non-technical person, I try to learn everything on my own, but suffer a lot when my website goes down and it takes me several hours to get it back up.Will A2 Hosting be a good solution for my problems? Also, you haven't mentioned if there is money back guarantee with A2? 
Piyush Rao
I was looking for A2Hosting Joomla Hosting Review and finally decided to shift to A2hosting. Just wanted to leave my 2 cents here. The support from A2Hosting guys was nothing short of excellent. They helped us in the tricky situations of backing up the whole data and taking it to live on the new dedicated server. It was interesting to see the ticket responses in 30 minutes in comparison to my previous host's typical 2-3 days.If any of you are looking for dedicated server web hosting, I highly recommend A2Hosting. They got a good team.
Rohit Kumar
Rank D2 - MASTER
Is A2 hosting  discount  available on renewal? How to avail it ?
@Rohit Kumar : The A2 Hosting discount coupon codes are applicable on the first bill only. This means that if you take it for 1 month only, you'll get discounted rate. If you opt for 3-year plan; you will get the same discount. That's one of the reasons we strongly recommend opting for longer-duration hosting plans. Unfortunately, this also means that you won't get the discount upon renewal. However, there could be some offer from A2 Hosting right around the time your account is due for renewal. I hope this helps. Please make use of the coupon code we've provided through the button above. 
@Jeffrey: Site downtime is actually an issue with most shared hosting plans. This happens because the hosting service providers often oversale the hosting space. If any of the site gets more traffic, all the other neighbouring sites suffer. A2 Hosting has proven to be a good service in our testing. @Rashmi: If you have not made the purchase yet, we'd recommend trying out the coupons that are listed. You should be able to get maximum discount with those codes. Of course, you could have a chat with their sales team before making the payment. In our testing, the coupon codes were all valid and working. If they aren't, please let us know so that we can resolve the issue with concerned authorities. 
Can I install Wordpress plugins on optimized WordPress blog?
@Sagar Paranjape : Yes, you can install any plugin that you wish on optimised WordPress blog offered by A2hosting. A2Hosting does not limit the choice of plugins. However, you should be careful while installing any plugins that you 'may not' need.Our recommendation is to opt for well supported, proven and trusted plugins available in the WP Marketplace. These don't kill the server through memory leaks and CPU consumption; which is always a threat when using free software that is untested. With Optimised WordPress, the technical staff at A2hosting will only make certain adjustment to the server and WordPress so that it loads faster and runs securely. No changes are made to the core WordPress codebase. This means that the user can install plugins and themes as they wish. We hope this helps. 
Rohit Kumar
Rank D2 - MASTER
Does that means we will get it as pre-install Wordpress plugin ?
@Rohit Kumar: No, WordPress plugins won't be installed. You will have to decide which plugins to use on your WordPress. A2hosting will simply optimise the things at the server level - like using faster SSDs (Solid State Drives) and having object caching mechanism.These optimisations will allow WordPress to run faster and deliver pages to end users. I think it's quite a deal that A2hosting is offering their plan at discounted rates. 
I don't have a debit or credit card or a Paypal account either. I do have netbanking enabled in my bank. However, I was looking for a direct bank deposit option to book my web host and domain. Do you think it is a safe option? Can you please guide me through the process? I want to know the bank details for booking from Delhi, India.
@Mohmin - I doubt A2 hosting provides direct bank to bank transfer option. That's because it's too cumbersome to make refunds, if required. I'd recommend getting an international debit or credit card; which would make things lot easier for you. PayPal is a good option as well. You can easily attach your existing bank account to your paypal address to make / receive payments. Bank to bank transfers will involve additional fees and I do not recommend it. However, I'd recommend that you should have a word with A2Hosting sales team to figure out if they are willing to accept B2B transfer. Do not forget to check if the existing discount coupon codes will be applicable on such transfers and what price will you be actually transferring. 
Thank you for your reply @Kaustubh I saw in your post in A2 Hosting Payment Options point number 6 that the direct bank transfer option is available and applying for a debit card will take at least a week to 10 days, so I was going for that option. Anyhow, looks like there is nothing I can do but wait. Netbanking is the way to go. Thanks again for your help.
@Mohmin - Yeah, they have that mentioned for 'India' users. I did not know that you are from India. I'd still recommend that you should check with their sales representative and confirm. All the deals and coupon codes mentioned have been tested with Credit and Debit cards. Not with direct bank transfers. I hope this helps. 
@Mohmin Jafar : Yes, net-banking is listed on A2hosting's website, but we do not recommend it. However, as @Kaustubh said, you should check once with the A2hosting support staff. They're the ones to guide you better. Please note that we are not official representatives of A2; we are independent, but try to help our members get good deals and discounts on hosting plans. 
Mohit G
Rank D2 - MASTER
I want to start an e-commence/ e-shopping website to sell Appeals online. What are best options to go for? What will be the right platform for me ?How to design and make it user friendly like Amazon? Is there any add-on for making e-commerce website with a2 or Bluehost  webhosting?
Mohit G
Rank D2 - MASTER
Also I want to choose best as I need to care about SEO, Analytics and marketing. Please suggest me asap.
@Mohit G: Thankfully, A2 Hosting offers dedicated web hosting plans, which you can explore on following link: https://www.a2hosting.in/wordpress-hosting/woocommerce?aid=crzengIf you are just starting out, we'd recommend going with the WooCommerce "LITE" hosting plan which will give you one woo commerce store and 5 databases; which are more than enough. In addition, you will get lot of storage space for all your image assets css and javascript. The plan includes cPanel, SSL and SSD servers. So you're all sorted. Our preference always is to A2 hosting as compared to Bluehost for the only reason that they offer faster SSD servers. Regarding SEO - you will have to do it on your own. A good web hosting company like A2 hosting can only help with fast and secure infrastructure; but beyond that it's all your responsibility. You will have to take care of all the original content, on-site and off-site SEO techniques. We'll soon post a tutorial for it.Helping with SEO is beyond the scope of this page; because it's only dedicated to helping customers save money with latest discount coupons and promo codes. We hope this helps you to some extent. 
Jasmine SA
Rank D3 - MASTER
What Is Domain Parking In Web Hosting? And What does it mean by Ddns?
@Jasmine SA: Domain Parking is simply registering a domain and not assigning any hosting account to it. That is if you register a new domain name, but are yet to work on your blog or website; you could simply 'park' the domain. A parked domain does not serve any site; but it simply is 'parked' in the owner's account.Note that when you buy a new web hosting package from A2 Hosting, you will get a free domain automatically. You could either have a sub-domain or main domain and assign a website to it later. Make sure to use our special discount coupon code to get the best available deal!DDNS - is 'Dynamic DNS'. Typically used for hosting websites on home computers where there is no provision of static IP for the computer hosting the site. Whenever the ISP assigns a new IP to the connected computer, DDNS system ensures that its IP address is reflected in the domain's Name Server settings; thus 'Dynamic' DNS. 
I saw on the official A2Hosting website that there are several coupon codes: SAVEFAST, RESELLER34,  34 MVPS, FASTSERVERS.. Has anyone received any discount with these coupons? Because most web hosts are overpriced and they try to justify this by advertising ‘Unlimited’ bandwidth or storage. I'm not sure if any web hosting is really cheap. Do you guys think A2Hosting is the best out there?
Amar Oke
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Can anybody point out some difference between Hostgator and A2 hosting ? Which one is better and why?
@Amar - Both are very comparable in terms of hosting services provided. The difference is with the pricing of their plans. Hostgator is way cheaper; but based on our experience, we'll recommend A2 Hosting over Hostgator. Make use of the 51% discount deal coupon available at the top. @Manoj - I disagree that the hosting plans are overpriced. The deals are typically made available to make entry of the customer easier. It's true that in the longer run, hosting a website is quite cheap from the web host's perspective. You may use any deal coupon you like and get maximum discount. 
@Amar: We are working on special deal listing page for Hostgator along with other popular hosting services. You should be able to get the best of the deals from CrazyEngineers. All the deals listed on CrazyEngineers are only for the recognised and trusted hosting service providers. You can pick any of them without being worried. 
Mohit Patil
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Curious to know if A2hosting offers SSH access to the shared hosting server. Also what are the ways to get deal on repeat billing? Does the coupon get activated automatically? 
Jason Williams
I want to ask if there any Christmas discount going on on any of the web hosting plan? I am planning to change my web host provider in this case can you guide me which is the best who offer cheapest plan to run my inventory based website.Thanks.
Bala Venkat
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Want to get a new domain on A2 Hosting. Does this site provide an affiliate link? Is there a special New Year 2019 code we could use? I am looking at the Reseller Hosting plan for my own clients. Not sure if the Managed Wordpress plan is suited for me at the moment. With the current offer I am getting it at Rs. 946.66 monthly. Is that the best I can get?
@Mohit - SSH access (also called root access) is offered on all the shared hosting plans. You will need an SSH client like Terminal or Putty to access your server. If you need help A2 Hosting's support staff will help you with it. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any way to get deal on repeat billing. I recommend opting for 3-year plan to get maximum price benefit.@Jason: Christmas discount is currently not available. However, A2hosting's plans are already priced lower. Use our Activate Coupon button to get maximum discount on the pricing. 
Mohit Patil
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A2Hosting coupons promo anyone? How much discount do I get with your coupon code? Does A2Hosting offer 1-click installs for WordPress? Do I get a free domain? Also, is A2Hosting suitable for beginners?
A2 hosting promo codes and discount codes are applied as soon as you click on the 'Active Coupon' button. The discount will be variable - but it's quite good and applicable only on the first billing. As mentioned earlier, A2 hosting offers lots of hosting tools for newbie webmasters to start their own blog or website. 1-click install is offered by A2 hosting for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other CMSs. 
@Mohit - A2Hosting promo codes have been updated recently to offer the maximum discount deal across plans. Yes, free domain is included in the price. We strongly recommend opting for 3 year or at least 1 year long plans to get maximum price benefit.
Update: A lot of users wrote to us over email whether there are cany a2 hosting renewal discount coupons available. Unfortunately, it's something you'll have to discuss with A2 hosting staff members. The same applies for VPS. You may make use of the 'Activate Coupon' button we have in order to get the latest discount available on VPS hosting as well. 
Have you directly partnered with A2 to offer the discount you are offering? Because I have heard that many reviewing site claim that they actually offer discount but many of the coupons do not work ?Does A2 will offer 30 day money back guarantee with this coupon code?Do this website is hosted on A2 itself? 
Bala Venkat
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Need help in understanding some of the technical terms. In VPS plan, they have said that they offer more isolation and freedom to choose your own management level. Can you please throw some light on the A2Hosting VPS plan? What is the maximum discount I can get on that?
What are Turbo servers and what are swift servers? Which one is more reliable and impactful?
Thank you for this lovely site. I booked the A2Hosting turbo hosting plan at just $9.31/month. This was truly a life saver! Thanks for all the efforts you put in to put this discounted deal. I will be using the FASTSRVR coupon code to buy a dedicated server for one of my clients.. as I am a freelancer.
Mohit Patil
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Wow. How did I miss these A2Hosting coupons? For a peronal blog, their Shared Hosting lite plan at 51% off is a life saver. Mind blowingly cheap! I run my blog on Wordpress. I used the code SOFAST to grab the offer. The amazing thing is they offer unlimited storage and Free SSL. Without SSL certificate, sites today don't stand a chance IMHO.Nobody likes slow websites, A2Hosting is really competitive in terms of pricing as well as support. Kudos!
@Sagar - The A2 Hosting coupons listed with us actually work. They are directly taken from the A2 hosting official website and we've verified the deal and the discount it offers time and again. However, my appeal is that if using the coupon code does not work for you and the discounted price does not reflect at the time of check-out; please report it to us so hat we can make required updates. 
Bala Venkat
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I can vouch for this site. It has always given me the best deals in web hosting plans. Also, the timely advise and suggestions to all questions posted always help. ? On some sites, I saw they say there's a 80% off sale on web hosting on special days like holidays or festivals. Is that true? Should one wait for such discounts or is it a waste of time? Please advice.